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Friday, April 29th, 2005

The Mystery Deepens…

I swear I tried this yesterday and it didn’t work.

That IP address kept bugging me. Today I tried http to get to it and it answered. There was a logon screen saying “Enter username and password for “HSG”…” Since “admin” and “password” didn’t work, I got a 401 error page which gave a contact email of!

So I go to the Nomadix site and searched for “HSG”. It’s one of their products – a “Hot Spot Gateway” for setting up public access hotspots at hotels, train stations, etc. So it’s not necessarily a Chicago resident – more likely someone who traveled through. Still doesn’t help yet.

My stats pages don’t seem to link hosts with dates, so I can’t pin this user down to a specific period, but I’ve only been online since February 25th, 2005. That’s a two-month window. I still might be able to figure this out.

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Who’s Looking at My Site?

So I’m checking my site statistics, which are currently open to the public. Looking at the listing of IP addresses that have looked at me, I see only a few that have more than a couple of requests. My work and home IP are there, along with Web’s work.

But one other stands out – It accounts for 18.5% of all requests for my unpublicized website, which has only sporadically shown up even in Google. Using “City from IP” at DNS Stuff I find that it’s in Chicago. Using nslookup, I see that it’s a static IP from Charter Communications, making it likely to be a business or a serious techy. Who found me, how, and why the interest? I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see if he comes back – the number of hits has sat at 316 since I noticed it.

If you do come back, and see this post, can you step up and identify yourself? I’m really intrigued. As far as I know, I am not acquainted with anyone in Chicago.


For all my MySpace visitors who are trying to figure out how to tell who’s been looking at their pages (yes, there have been a lot of you recently) – as far as I can tell, you’re hosed. I keep track of my visitors in two ways:

  1. Through the tracking reports provided by my (not free) web host, which are pretty lame. They’re basically just a few statistics and graphs pulled from the logs of the computer in Arizona where my site is physically located. I paid extra for better reports, but they were lame, too, so I stopped.
  2. Through free, but temporary, online sites like SiteMeter and StatCounter. These sites give me a snippet of Java script that I put into every one of the pages I want included in the tracking. They actually give better reports, because they don’t count the spiders and bots that come crawling through – those things just make copies of everything, and they don’t run the Java that tells the tracking site that somebody is looking. The tracking sites also take note of the oodles of information about ourselves that we spread whenever we surf – down to the screen settings. On top of that, they run the ip address through databases and make a guess at where the visitor is coming from and put pins on pretty maps.

You don’t actually make the webpages at MySpace, you’re just filling out forms, and MySpace controls what can go into them. Last I heard, you can’t put Java in any more, so Option 2 is out. Better start begging MySpace for visitor logs!

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Greg Perry in the US Army, 1990

So here’s a poor scan of me back in my Army days. No, it’s not taken in the Middle East – that’s Fort Irwin, California. I was attached to OPFOR at the National Training Center. We dressed up as Soviet soldiers (back when there still was a Soviet Union) and even our equipment was mocked up to look like Warsaw Pact stuff. OPFOR routinely kicks the butt of visiting units. It’s not surprising – those guys knew every inch of that place. It was a fun time for me, even though we spent much of it installing a triple-strand concertina fence from one mountain top down across the valley to the next mountain top, then moved down the valley about a mile or so and did it again.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005


At some early point I have to give credit to Web Mayfield, an old high school friend of mine and much better blogger, for stirring my interest in blogging and directing me to, where I found this software.

So he’s the one who should get all the blame.

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No Re-install Required

So we’re still here??!!

I thought I was being pretty slick. I went into my database through my host’s management system and manually searched through all the tables looking for the /wordpress/ path and changed it to /blog/. Then I changed the name of the folder through Filezilla. Everything seemed to work except for the link from the administration pages back to the blog (must have missed one!)- which is kind of important. While testing lots of the links in the administration pages, I ran across the place in my Options>General where I could have just changed it.

**Sigh**. Oh well, at least I didn’t screw everything up unnecessarily, and I at least got to see some of the workings behind the WordPress interface.

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Change of heart

After loading WordPress and playing with its features, getting a few links setup, etc., I have decided that I don’t like the path I installed it in. Now it seems I should have installed it at, not /wordpress. A simple name change using FileZilla proved that my hope was unrealistic – I guess I’ll have to reinstall. Does that mean I have to rebuild the database? We’ll see…

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First Entry

This is an experimental deployment of a blog on my website using WordPress. I can’t promise that I be adding to it regularly, given my previous history with blogs, but then, this is mine.

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