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Thursday, April 28th, 2005


At some early point I have to give credit to Web Mayfield, an old high school friend of mine and much better blogger, for stirring my interest in blogging and directing me to, where I found this software.

So he’s the one who should get all the blame.

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No Re-install Required

So we’re still here??!!

I thought I was being pretty slick. I went into my database through my host’s management system and manually searched through all the tables looking for the /wordpress/ path and changed it to /blog/. Then I changed the name of the folder through Filezilla. Everything seemed to work except for the link from the administration pages back to the blog (must have missed one!)- which is kind of important. While testing lots of the links in the administration pages, I ran across the place in my Options>General where I could have just changed it.

**Sigh**. Oh well, at least I didn’t screw everything up unnecessarily, and I at least got to see some of the workings behind the WordPress interface.

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Change of heart

After loading WordPress and playing with its features, getting a few links setup, etc., I have decided that I don’t like the path I installed it in. Now it seems I should have installed it at, not /wordpress. A simple name change using FileZilla proved that my hope was unrealistic – I guess I’ll have to reinstall. Does that mean I have to rebuild the database? We’ll see…

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First Entry

This is an experimental deployment of a blog on my website using WordPress. I can’t promise that I be adding to it regularly, given my previous history with blogs, but then, this is mine.

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