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Thursday, April 28th, 2005


At some early point I have to give credit to Web Mayfield, an old high school friend of mine and much better blogger, for stirring my interest in blogging and directing me to, where I found this software.

So he’s the one who should get all the blame.

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6 Responses to “Credits”

  1. Web says:


  2. Web says:

    When I try to subscribe to the RSS feed in Bloglines, Bloglines doesn’t recognize it for some reason. Looking at the feed it looks like a normal RSS 2.0 feed to me.

    I haven’t looked at it that closely. If it’s still doing this over the weekend I may do some more research.

  3. Greg says:

    How would Bloglines know of my existence? I’m still waiting for the next googlebot crawl. I showed up in Google a couple of weeks ago when, as far as I knew, nothing was linking to my site. Since then I put in some links from other locations, and the same day the ‘bot came around and I dropped off the radar.

    Looking at Bloglines it seems I have to sign up to share my posts, and I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet. Don’t I at least have to come up with a spiffy name?

  4. Spiffy Name says:

    How’s that for a spiffy name? I may just have to link you to my website (should I ever actually update it again). Maybe this could push me into actually getting back into this stuff.

  5. Web says:

    I was trying to subscribe to your RSS feed in Bloglines. There seems to be something about it or about the way it’s served that Bloglines doesn’t like. I can’t figure out what yet, when I look at the raw XML it looks OK at first glance.

  6. Web says:

    Fixed my ‘website’ link. Turns out I didn’t know my own URL.