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Friday, April 29th, 2005

The Mystery Deepens…

I swear I tried this yesterday and it didn’t work.

That IP address kept bugging me. Today I tried http to get to it and it answered. There was a logon screen saying “Enter username and password for “HSG”…” Since “admin” and “password” didn’t work, I got a 401 error page which gave a contact email of!

So I go to the Nomadix site and searched for “HSG”. It’s one of their products – a “Hot Spot Gateway” for setting up public access hotspots at hotels, train stations, etc. So it’s not necessarily a Chicago resident – more likely someone who traveled through. Still doesn’t help yet.

My stats pages don’t seem to link hosts with dates, so I can’t pin this user down to a specific period, but I’ve only been online since February 25th, 2005. That’s a two-month window. I still might be able to figure this out.

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