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Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Midlife Crisis Update

So far no one has offered suggestions for my midlife crisis celebration event, which I solicited in my May 5th post. I did hear that my sister-in-law, who is older than me by a couple of weeks, came up with a good one. Apparently, she’s always wanted to learn how to surf, and after living in southern California for what, 14, 15 years, she decided to do something about it. As a fortieth birthday present to herself she’s going to a weekend surfing course.

Now that’s a direct, assertive course of action and I admire her for that. I just hope it isn’t a compromise – what if what she really wanted to do was buy a Harley with matching black leather riding togs and tattoo, and ride across America, starting fights in biker bars and scaring small children and old ladies along the way?

True, some people wouldn’t call that compromising – they would call it something paternalistic and boring, like “being realistic.” But how many times in your life do you turn forty?

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