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Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Comment Spam Manifesto

I was looking to see if there was anything worthwhile to do about tracking down and harassing the person/company/slime who tried posting the earlier comment spam, but it’s a complex process, possibly even more so than when tracking down phishing perpetrators. I did find a great manifesto by Adam Kalsey. It’s a worthwhile read and I’m totally supporting it.

I want to send a trackback to it, which the author is encouraging as a way of signing his manifesto, but then I’m still shaky on this whole trackback thing. My last attempt failed because it was on a site that didn’t accept trackbacks. I also somehow sent a trackback to myself when I last linked to a previous post, and that appeared as a comment on the original post, which is sort of silly, and has discouraged my from putting in links to previous posts. Maybe I can blacklist myself! I read the trackback info at the WordPress codex, so I’ll give it a try again.

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