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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005

Cool Birthday Present

Today (technically yesterday), on the way home from work, I stopped to pick up my birthday present from my Mum and Dad. I had to wait until after dinner and then for Boo to fall asleep to play with it, but it was worth it!

I’m looking at the ‘net now through my brand new 19″ flatscreen. I bumped the resolution up from my normal 1024 x 768, which I have been using both at home and work for years, to 1280 x 1024, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Thanks Mum & Dad!

I have typically upgraded or added features piece by piece but the monitor has always been low on my list. I’ve always been perfectly happy with whatever 17″ (and sometimes 15″) that I could get my hands on. But I see now that I’ve made a serious mistake. True, the couple of hundred bucks I could have spent on a bigger monitor have bought me a lot of hard drives, memory and cpu upgrades over the years, and I never knew what I was missing. But that’s all over now.

This is going to make it a serious drag for me at work now. I’ve been cursing that old 600 MHz NT 4.0 128M ram machine for its slowness ever since I built my 3.2 GHz machine at home, but now the screen is going to suck as well! At least I can use it to look at my site and get some perspective when I want to cram more stuff in than will show well on smaller resolutions. Or am I an old dinosaur for sticking with the 1024 x 768? It’s hard to know – my boss still uses 800 x 600 and it drives me nuts when I sit down at his machine to investigate whenever he wants to know if the latest minor malfunction is really his boss spying on him.

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