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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Family at the Beach

A long break between posts, maybe the longest yet. I’ve been working in the field recently, and therefore don’t have the chance to write during lunch at work (or work through lunch to make up for writing when I was supposed to be working.) I’ve been real busy at home – can’t say about what until after August 3rd – and the little computer time I have gotten has been put into coding or my latest OS adventure – making my PC think it’s a Mac, or at least, making my wife’s iPod think it’s a Mac. She got it used with a lot of songs on it that she wants to keep, but she also wants to load more onto it. It is apparently formatted as an Apple and neither Windows or linux can talk to it. I could reformat it to talk to Windows, but that would delete the existing music, so I’ve been playing with PearPC, an Apple emulator, and Darwin, Apple’s open source core OS. By core, they apparently mean no GUI, which is why they can give it away, but I didn’t learn this until late last night when I was trying to iron out some wrinkles and got on the PearPC IRC chat.

So anyways, on Saturday I took the kids and met up with my brother’s family and my Mum, who had come out from Massachusetts, to go see my sister-in-law’s midlife crisis-averting treat, surfing lessons. Maura was actually able to stand up on her board, which I had found very difficult to do when I had tried surfing. But then, she was doing it the smart way – starting off in the little waves, and I had just gone for it in the bigger ones.

I think Mum was really enjoying it on the beach – she’s always liked it, and here she was with her kids and grandkids, too. She took over holding my little nephew whenever he needed a nap.

Boo liked the beach, too. It was his first time. He wasn’t crazy about the water – those waves were a little intimidating – but he took to digging in the sand like a hog in, well, you know. He didn’t take a nap all day and just zonked right out when we went home. He also loves playing with his nephews. He’s a pretty social little kid, but then Chelsea was too when she was little.

I really enjoyed the whole thing, too.

Well, here I go again, mixing personal with technical. I just had to get a post up.

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