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Thursday, December 29th, 2005

UserOnline Plugin

I thought it was only fair to present my beefs to the author of the UserOnline plugin. (Wow, wonder how that’s going to translate into Dutch!)

After all, the guy came up with the plugin that we all what. I don’t want to usurp his well-deserved position in the WordPress world. Perhaps we can draw him in to our discussion and end up with a better plugin for everyone.

Posted by Greg in Programming


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3 Responses to “UserOnline Plugin”

  1. Ramblings » Blog Archive » Responses From GamerZ says:

    […] I said I would lay out my concerns to the author of the UserOnline plugin, and he has responded favorably. […]

  2. Ramblings » Blog Archive » Little Fish in a Big Pond says:

    […] As I said before, I got a positive response to my feedback from GamerZ, the author of the WordPress plugin UserOnline. The latest version of his download includes all the things he said he would do. He added the GPL, he removed the core WP files hack, and he gave me credit for adding bot definitions. You just can’t get more responsive than that. […]

  3. Choco says:

    Great to read that the plug-in is only getting better and better, way to go! I like the 2.0 thingy, very concerned about WP plug-in dropouts these days.