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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

He’s Back…

Wonder who he is? My locator says Ocean City, New Jersey, but that could be off by quite a bit. I don’t normally get paranoid about my visitors, but when the posts are about my employer, they get bookmarked right away, and there’s another office in OC…


Date Time WebPage
01/03/06 09:15:40
01/03/06 09:18:40
01/03/06 09:20:48
01/03/06 09:20:59
01/03/06 09:21:47
01/03/06 09:22:08
01/03/06 09:22:16
01/03/06 09:23:19
01/03/06 09:23:32
01/03/06 09:24:03
01/03/06 09:24:09
01/03/06 09:28:08
01/03/06 12:36:51
01/04/06 10:16:35
01/04/06 10:18:31

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4 Responses to “He’s Back…”

  1. Techno-tard says:

    Maybe you should direct him to the forum so that he can leave a posting? Or maybe I should – Hey, NewGuy, look down on the left of the page and see the “Forums” link. You can post something there if you like. Oh, and Welcome. Spread the word – the more Corrpro posters we get here the better for all of us.

  2. Greg says:

    Techno-tard’s enthusiasm for starting an online discussion about the merits and weaknesses of the largest corrosion control company in the industry seems rather exuberant. Of course, it’s not his name on the website. Patience, Grasshopper. These things will come.

    My forums are locked. I haven’t even gone about setting up the formatting yet – there isn’t even a link to get back to any other place on my website. Of course, judging from the activity at the old Corrpro message board at Yahoo Finance, and given that there still seems to an interest, a passionate interest to some, in the fortunes of the company; there might be some demand for a real forum. However, I seem to recall that a lot of the vitriol on the old board was directed at persons who are no longer there, which may take some of the steam out.

    So officially, there is no Corrpro discussion forum here – yet. I’ll post what I think when I feel like it, and if comments reveal that there is a demand, maybe I will put one up. There isn’t even an audience yet – I have two interested readers, and one chooses to remain silent. Not much of a consensus. I’ll be watching the traffic, though. Which reminds me – I need to put together and publish a privacy policy. Since I have no intention of revealing private information, I may as well make it official.

  3. Rust Factory says:

    From your OC lurker,

    It’s flattering to be the center of attention on your new forum. Have no fear. I’m not upper management plotting to “reduce you in force” for speaking out. I just got a little frustrated that the yahoo message board disappeared and was searching for another forum. I found yours and did a little looking around. It’s interesting to hear the good and the bad about the company from those who are in the trenches, so to speak. There’s so little meaningful communication from the brass, other than our daily notices about who is mysteriously “no longer with the company”. I look forward to getting a fresh perspective here. Good luck with your site.

  4. Ramblings » Blog Archive » And The Walls Came Crashing Down says:

    […] I’ve been feeling a lot of foreboding, accentuated by the coincidental appearance around the same time of Google Finance, with their page on Corrpro and its link to my blog. I’ve been waiting for the dam to burst, checking my access logs all the time, looking for the inbound flood of traffic because every employee has suddenly found out about it, and what was that blog with the sooo negative title, and who is this guy anyway? Some will come for the schadenfreude, others from the well-instilled reaction to put out any fire they see. Of course, most will come just because they’re desperately trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and whether they’re still going to have a job next month. […]