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Saturday, January 7th, 2006

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

I saw the 2.0 Release Candidate come out 19 days ago, but I totally missed the stable version release 8 days ago. Beta testing in 11 days? I dunno… but I went ahead and upgraded to WordPress 2.0.

It went very smoothly – this time I remembered to disable all my plugins first, plus I backed up all the files and the database, as usual. Turning the plugins back on was fun because my disabled admin toolbar generated a fatal error. I’ll have to check that – I’m betting that the command to check for administrative privileges and launching the toolbar is missing the crucial “if function_exists” syntax that I harped on GamerZ about with his UserOnline plugin.

There doesn’t appear to be any changes in the front end – what you see when you come here – but there are quite a few in the back end, where I write my posts and manage all the details. I had hacked a few settings, mostly on the appearance of the interface, but so far it doesn’t look like I need to do it again. The immediate difference I see is that they’ve incorporated TinyMCE as the editor when you’re writing a post. I can’t say that I’m thriled about that; but then, I’ve only used TinyMCE before in Mambo, and its clunkiness may have been Mambo’s fault. Now that I’ve upgraded, I suppose I’ll have to actually go read the release notes to find out what underlying changes have been made. Most of my plugins worked under the new release, including my hacked UserOnline – which was rereleased for 2.0. I’m guessing my hacks prevented any failure, but I’m going to update that one anyway to get the benefit of the detecting registered users feature. I’m still working on my own version. My recently installed Text Control plugin didn’t seem to work, but then, when I tried using it recently, it wasn’t doing what I expected it to do, anyway.

The new installation came with a couple of included plugins for automatic backing up of the database where all my settings and content are actually stored, and for improved filtering against comment spam. The last one I’m very interested in – recently my comment spam has been getting worse, about a dozen every two or three days. It got bad enough that I turned off my email notification of comments waiting for review, and some have even been leaking through the fabled WordPress safeguards.

Still, I’m missing that hoped-for OpenID login incorporation. There’s a plugin available, but since the author admits it’s buggy and he hasn’t updated it, I haven’t installed it myself. Since it cuts to the core of the DisplayOnline plugin I’m writing, I just might have to write the functionality in myself. Just another thing to slow me down.

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One Response to “Upgrade to WordPress 2.0”

  1. Vincent says:

    Greg thank you for all your help finding a sollution for the user online problem we’ve had. I saw that you’ve helped the origional plugin builder al lot.

    Great work!
    Soon I will switch to WordPress 2.0 too and the I hope that the duplicate entry error is also fixed.

    You are always welcome in The Netherlands and i you ever need help please feel free to contact us.

    Next month when I have more time I will contact you by mail to see if we Dutchies can test some stuff for you.