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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Arrival in Minot, ND

Current meatspace coordinates: 48.206° N, 101.316° W

I’m here for the week to survey the cathodic protection on the fueling systems at Minot AFB. Of course, there’s an unannounced exercise going on that will restrict our access to some areas that we need to test. I can’t complain – the needs of the military outweigh the needs of their civilian contractors. I just hope that we can get in in a couple of days, and that we can accomplish the necessary testing without delaying our return.

It was a hectic weekend – the closing of my daughter Chelsea’s Winter Guard season, and yesterday was the Championships. Her team finished fifth out of eighteen teams in her division. With a party Friday night, driving up to Fontana, and a dinner afterward, I was either involved or watching the baby, and I didn’t finish packing my stuff and my testing equipment until two hours before I needed to get up to go to the airport. With such an eventful weekend, there’s been plenty of “I need to put that in my blog” moments, but now I’m just exhausted. Northwest Airlines busted my equipment case, but I already had problems with some of the specialized pieces that I have been trying to diagnose and fix (I brought a soldering iron). I traded my smoking room reservation for a nonsmoking one that included a refrigerator and microwave. A couple of days ago, I had checked the long range forecast, and it had said highs of 19-25°C with possible rain on only one day, so I packed a lined rain jacket and, just to be safe, threw in some heavier long-sleeved shirts (I’m very partial to short sleeves).

About half an hour ago I stepped outside for a smoke. It was snowing. Welcome to North Dakota.

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