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Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Back from North Dakota

I got in yesterday from my trip to Minot, on schedule and with all the data we needed. We managed to work around the NORI – Nuclear Operations Readiness Inspection – and got access to all the sites.

I stopped by the office to drop off equipment and talk to my supervisor before he leaves tomorrow for two weeks in Guam, and met our new hire. Later, talking to Pat, I found out that he had been authorized to hire four new engineers. So if you’re in cathodic protection – hell, even if you’re a newly minted engineer or materials science grad and are interested – you like about a 50-50 mix of working in the field and writing reports/design, want to travel, and live in or are willing to relocate to San Diego, California, then contact me and I’ll pass it on. As I’ve written before, we’re not getting enough people into this field, and it has a strong demand, steady growth, good job security, and for those interested, it’s pretty easy to start working for yourself after you put in some years and gotten a few certifications. It seems that every corrosion engineer I’ve met has a different story about how he or she got into it (and we need a lot more shes). Nobody ever seems to have planned on becoming a corrosion engineer, but the job is so varied and interesting that we lose few after we’ve gotten you hooked.

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