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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006


I just don’t go to the movies anymore.

This statement has just got to kill my brother, who works in Hollywood, but it’s true, and maybe if I lay out my reason he can forgive me (by the way bro, thanks for adding me to your friends list.)

It’s not the pain of laying down the eleven bucks, or multiples thereof if I take the family. It’s not the fact that the type of movies that I like just wouldn’t interest anyone else in my household. It’s more rooted in the blockbuster mentality that has taken over the industry. You see, since I got taller than my Dad (circa 1981), I’ve never wanted to go see a movie in the first month after it was released, let alone the opening weekend, because back in the 80s movie theaters still only had slight slopes (and no cup holders), and I was rather particular about where I sat. I wanted the very middle of the theater, and I wanted nobody sitting in the two rows behind me, and I wasn’t very good at getting there way early to get my preferred choice. Back in those days, a 195cm (6’5″) tall person could make a significant impact on the view of somebody else, and I always felt guilt about that. So I would wait a bit for the audiences to thin out, and then I could stroll in and get what I wanted.

But you can’t get that anymore. Nowadays, a month after release, plus a week or four because I don’t keep track of these things very well, and the movie is gone. I missed it.

Since I took my underage daughter to see Underworld as a treat (now that’s a story in itself – she loves vampires and werewolves, and for treating her, I was rewarded with two hours of Beckinsale in that leather suit), it has crept into my mind that theaters have changed – but it’s too late. I have been conditioned. And I have lost out by it, because I don’t have 16:9 hidef widescreen at home, and I actually love movies; but still, I often don’t see a good one until it has hit the pay channels, and since I don’t schedule my life around tv, I often miss those. And since I’m too little interested in appeasing my own desires (reference above over-consideration for other moviegoers), I don’t go rent them, either.

So it’s not surprising that I missed Josh Whedon‘s Serenity. I know I’m going to incur the wrath of the Browncoats by admitting this, but I missed the original series, heard the buzz last year before the film and recognized that it was something that I would probably like – a lot – also missed the SciFi channel revival (I tried, but Fridays nights are really bad for watching tv at home), actually watched the RTam Sessions online, and still missed catching the film in theater. Which puts me square on the Browncoats’ hit list – I was an intended target audience, but I didn’t contribute in any way to bringing the show back.

But I happened to notice that Serenity was on Cinemax this month, and instead of my usual dawdling, when I got the chance, I went to the OnDemand and watched it. Three times in the last two days. That hasn’t happened since I discovered Twelve Monkeys (another long story, invoking How I Might Have Been Able to Prevent a Suicide, but Missed the Chance Due to My Ineptitude at Reading Other People’s Emotions.)

Of course, I loved it. Was fascinated by it. This from a guy who kept a picture of Clint Eastwood in his locker while he was in the Army (don’t kid yourselves, it’s all the same theme as a spaghetti western), thrived on Roger Zelazny (the hero who actually overcomes his tragic flaw), was exposed to Tolkien in the fourth grade, and was a huge fan of Blake’s Seven in the late seventies as a preteen. Of course I loved it.

For all of you out there that feel the pain of only having eleven episodes of FireFly (fourteen if you bought the DVD), be jealous of me, because I have yet to see them. But take comfort, because I’m going to ran out and get that DVD, and in short order, I’m going to be joining your ranks – the desperate, the deprived – and will be doing what I can to bring it all back.

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