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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Joined the VFW

After years of delay, I finally walked into my nearest VFW post and joined the organization. I’ve always been eligible to join because of my service in Korea, which is technically still a war zone; I just didn’t know it. After I found out, I had to send to the National Personnel Records Center to get records of my service, since I couldn’t find copies of my orders. What they send back was very limited, and it didn’t show conclusive evidence that I had been there long enough.

Then I found out about the Korea Defense Service Medal, created in 2002 and retroactive to 1954. I applied for retroactive award and it was finally approved. With that documentation, I was able to go down to the VFW and join.

A fellow ex-service member asked me why I wanted to join. To me it was pretty simple. I’m a pretty private person, and it’s not natural for me to go out glad-handing everyone I meet. I tend to have few friends, but the ones I do have are very special. I just want the opportunity to bump into a bunch of new people with whom I already have a lot in common. The VFW provides me with that opportunity, and I strongly support their service missions.

Growing up, I was always impressed when my father talked about his experiences as a member of the Lion’s Club. I’d like to belong to a service organization, and of all the opportunities available, the VFW best represents my interests. With all the combat vets coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan right now, I’d like to be their supporter and advocate. And with all my traveling of late, and the fact that I expect to be doing a lot more over the next year and a half, it would be nice to be able to go to just about any place in the world near a US military base and be able to find and walk into a VFW and find company.

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