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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007


A couple of weeks back I was poking through whois and discovered that was available, so I picked it up. I might actually be able to do something with this, set up an instructional/reference site, and finally put my forum software to use. Or I could just use it to blather about all things corrosion engineering. I’ll have to find some more generic content management system software that doesn’t run as achingly slow as the ones I’ve already tried. Right now, I’ve just pointed it to this blog.

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F**kin’ A, Bro!

It’s not everyday that your little brother makes it into the showbiz trade rag, Variety: Ant Farm Plants Trio at Top.

Webwire, Market Wire, and dBusinessNews (Los Angeles) also picked it up, with more detail:

LOS ANGELES — Mike Greenfeld and Barbara Glazer, co-chairs of The Ant Farm, one of the entertainment industry’s leading advertising firms, have announced a new management team. Rodd Perry, Amanda Edwards, and Andy Solomon have been elevated to co-presidents, creative directors, audio/visual. Perry will also take on the title of Chief Executive Officer, joining Chief Financial Officer Melissa Palazzo, who will also assume the role of Chief Operating Officer. Together Perry and Palazzo will manage day-to-day operations and corporate duties of the agency.

According to Greenfeld and Glazer, Perry, Solomon and Edwards, who have been with the firm for ten, eight and six years, respectively, have been key to the growth of the company from a small boutique to a full-service advertising powerhouse.

Together at Ant Farm they have worked on hundreds of motion picture marketing campaigns ranging from “The Lord of the Rings,” “Shrek,” the “Harry Potter” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchises, to many independent successes such as “Sideways” and “An Inconvenient Truth.” Along with Greenfeld and Glazer, they will continue to help expand the scope of advertising services to the entertainment community.

(emphasis and link mine.)

And yet he still finds time to crank out daily the cartoon Brevity, syndicated to 130 newspapers in the US and Canada.

Way to go Rodd!!

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