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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Link from Matcor Blog

I saw an interesting referrer in my visitor’s log today coming from The name leapt out – Matcor is a cathodic protection and corrosion engineering company. I’ve previously seen them visit my site from their Doylestown office.

I visited the site – and have a lot of questions. It’s hosted on Blogspot, a free blogging service. Not exactly an auspicious launching site for a company. The posts start on 9 March 2007, and there are eight so far. Eight contributors are listed, but only two have posted – Bill Schutt and Ted Huck. Not surprising, as two of the other listed contributors have closed profiles in Blogspot, and the remaining four are employees of Gregory FCA Communications. One of the closed profiles is named The listed contact resolves to a email address. Their headlining RSS feed link still points to a test site, with the sole post in Latin. My Latin is pretty rusty, but a quick search lead to a disappointing result – apparently, it’s a 400 year old sample typesetting text.

I’m going to try real hard here not to speculate about what’s going on, to editorialize, or to render a critical opinion. If anything, I should welcome any effort by corrosion engineers to start blogging. As far as I can tell through my searches, I am (correction: was) the only blogging corrosion engineer out there! A little competition would make things more interesting, and motivate me.

So I punched a bunch of links to make sure I’d get noticed in their Sitemeter log (I prefer Statcounter.) Maybe, after I finish this post, I’ll VPN back to Medina and punch a bunch more to freak them out; if they can, and bother to, trace the source of their visits. I also get real techie cred, because their logs will show that I was running Linux when I stumbled across this.

But I can’t resist covering the basics. If you want to start a blog, for less than a hundred bucks you can buy a unique name, shared hosting for a year, upload WordPress and get started. But then I started counting the hours that I’ve investing in just searching for distinctive WordPress themes and useful plugins, learning how to customize them, learning how to create and manipulate images, finding visitor logging services and monitoring them, and then – web site optimization. All those hours, to a corporation, would be a major investment. Hell, I’ve made a major investment.

I guess my only beef is that they linked to me. Well, not that they linked to me, but that they did it so haphazardly. Their link goes straight to an old, relatively uninteresting post. If they really want to link to me as a corrosion blog, they should point here:

Hmmm. Maybe this counts as a reason to start a separate blog using my url.

Posted by Greg as Corrosion Control at 22:09 PST