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Monday, May 21st, 2007

Made It to Las Cruces

It seemed like I just couldn’t get to sleep early – I’ve never really been good at that – but I got up at 0300 and officially pulled out at 0400 CDT, with only three and a half hours of sleep. I got in to Las Cruces, NM at 1910 MDT, just over 16 hours, and the trip was exactly 1500 km (932 miles) – I took a huge shortcut. Instead of following the interstates, I picked up US Highway 54 in Wichita, Kansas and stayed on it all the way to Alamagordo, New Mexico. I shaved an hour off the drive and more than 300 km, and would have done even better if I hadn’t been misinformed that they had reopened the main road through Greensburg.

Driving this way, slowing down to go through each town, is much less mind-numbing. I didn’t get any extra sleep last night, but I’m feeling fine this morning. Usually after long drives I’m like a zombie the following day. Plus, every now and then I pull over when I see a historical marker sign, so I got to see the place where Billy the Kid was killed.

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