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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

RSS Feed Fixed

Readers have complained that they are unable to subscribe to my RSS feed in Bloglines. I went there, signed up, and encountered the same error. Having no knowledge how of this works, I went to WordPress and tried checking their forums for the same problem. I encountered lots of posts by people complaining that their RSS feeds didn’t work, and lots of rather heavy-handed responses saying “your RSS works, and stop bitching about it”. So I narrowed my search to “bloglines”. Then I was able to find posts reporting a known error with links to how to fix it. The linked documents were pretty obscure, but going to the suggested WordPress bug report I found a link to the sourceforge cvs for the affected file, where I found simple highlighted corrections to one of my php files. All this was pretty simple compared to getting an unsupported wireless card to work under Linux, but I was able to do that the same way – reading FAQ’s, searching posts, and trying the things that you find one at a time, then checking to see what happens.

I uploaded a fixed copy of the file and, lo and behold, Bloglines was able to add my feed. Now I just have to figure out how to use Bloglines. But for now, I added the “Subscribe in Bloglines” button in my sidebar to the right for anyone’s use.

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One Response to “RSS Feed Fixed”

  1. Web says:

    I like the new theme, but it doesn’t seem to have a link to the RSS feed.

    On the plus side, I was able to figure out the URL from other WordPress sites and now Bloglines can subscribe AOK.