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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Format Change and Fixes

Stupid me. I fixed the RSS feed, added the one-click button, then changed the theme without thinking that I would lose all my customizations. I was distracted when I installed a theme that required additional plugins and decided that it was time to install the WordPress Plugin Manager. That didn’t seem to work, and in the process it did some stuff I hadn’t seen before, like changing access levels of directories. Apparently, it changed one to a level that it couldn’t access, which is why it couldn’t work, and when I FTPed in I couldn’t get into it either. Interesting problem.

I was looking for a simple three-column theme that I could customize and this one looks ok. I don’t like the color scheme, but hopefully that’s easy to change. I’m not sure I like the recent comments feature in the right sidebar, either. But it does have a nice admin menu bar that pops up just under the header when I log on, which I really like. I hope to be able to adapt this to create a permanent menu bar for access to non-blog areas on the website.

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