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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005

Alternate Spellchecker

Couldn’t get the WordPress plugin to work. It couldn’t find the required executable on my host’s server, and my $4-a-month hosting plan does not include server access.

So I went with the Mozilla extension SpellBound. I couldn’t get this to work either, but the notes said I would have to reinstall Mozilla. I went with the upgrade, 1.7.3 to 1.7.7, and now little funky things are happening like searches in my googlebar popping up in the background instead of the foreground. **Sigh**. But I do have a spellchecker now, and one I can use whenever I’m filling out anything online.

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Fun(?!) with Plugins

I figured out the initial problem with the WordPress Plugin Manager – it did come down to a directory permissions issue. The temporary folder where the PM downloads the plugin didn’t have any permissions associated with it – including permission for me to get into it. I found references to using the CHMOD command to change it, but I don’t use a command line FTP client – I use FileZilla. By poking around I found a way to issue the CHMOD through a context menu and was able to make the directory accessible.

The Plugin Manager still didn’t work. I found a spell checker plugin that, as I already mentioned, I really wanted, and the PM said it had installed it, but I couldn’t find any of the files that were supposed to be there. I gave up on the PM and tried installing it manually. This involved putting the right files in the right places, which I thought I had done, but I still got interesting new error messages when I tried to activate it. A little searching in the message boards helped me to fix it, and I happened to notice a little comment somewhere saying that I had to set permissions not only on a certain directory but also on all the php files within it (which wasn’t in the readme that came with the package.) The spell checker didn’t report that it was up and running until I did that, too.

So now I have a little “Check Spelling” button under my post editor. Unfortunately, it isn’t there in the comment poster, but now I get to look erudite while all commentators can look like slobbering fools. Since my audience is limited to a few friends (plus the mystery traveler in Chicago), I figure I can risk offending you.

Post Script: The blog gods have punished me for the above statement, and as an act of contrition I have left it in so readers can see the folly of my pride. The @#%@$ “Check Spelling” button produces a JavaScript error!

Post Post Script: What’s worse, when I cut and paste this draft to Word, I came up with three spelling errors. I was especially aghast when I realized there was no such word as “commenters”!

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