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Thursday, May 5th, 2005

Search Engines

I keep waiting for the googlebot to come back. It last came by on the 27th, eight days ago, which was when I stopped showing up. That was the day before I installed the blog.

Yahoo’s slurp bot came by, though. I show up No. 1 when searching for “greg r perry” and No. 35 when searching for “greg perry”. No. 1 again if you try “greg perry” “san diego”. Not too bad, considering how many Greg Perrys (ies?) there are, including a big technology author, a musician, a cartoonist, and many others. I don’t know when it came by, but I had 52 page requests. Looks like it respected the conditions in my robots.txt file, too.

Still, if you can’t be googled, it’s like you don’t exist.

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