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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Visited My Brother

I took the kids and went up to visit my brother last weekend. I’ve been thinking for days now about how to write about it. It’s been made harder by how chaotic things have been since I got back, but I feel like I need to put up a statement about how good it was and how much I enjoyed it as quickly as possible, and in the absence of something deep and moving you’re going to get this instead. Perhaps part of the delay has been a reluctance to probe the depths of my feelings.

In short, it was good. I haven’t gotten to go for too long and I really enjoyed it. I especially like seeing my nephews and having them see me every so often.

I guess that, in my bid to be the Brevity comic Number 1 fan, I have to report on watching actual production of a comic. The technical details are pretty much what would be expected – drawing, scanning, and manipulating on an Apple G5 using Photoshop (what did you expect – he’s surround by commercial artists at work – of course it would be an Apple.) But since this is a commercial venture, and I promised him I would ask before posting personal details in my blog, I can’t really go much more into detail. Just turn green with envy, you other Brevity fans – I have seen it!

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