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Monday, July 11th, 2005

First Real Deployment of GFame

Well, I uploaded it. In my right sidebar is my first real deployment of GFame as code, not a simulation. The data you see displayed is pulled from my website’s MySQL database (db), not hard coded into the template.

I had previously uploaded and activated a file that I called GFame in my WordPress plugin folder, but all it did was establish a page in my administrator’s Options in the backend – it only has one line for input (outdated now, because it asks for my Google API key), and it didn’t do anything. I’ve replaced it with this deployment.

As of now, the GFame plugin contains a set of functions that accesses my db, pulls out the stored values, and displays them (with options). I still need to:

Yes, I’m still doing the lookup searches using my interactive parser and entering the results into the database manually. But I’m making progress. I don’t get much time to code.

Based on stuff I’ve read on the Internet, particularly at Googlebar’s homepage, I probably shouldn’t include the PageRank functions into my distributed plugin. It might make me a target for the Google lawyers. But who knows, maybe the parsing is enough to get them hot – it does bypass their ads.

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