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Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Conversation With My Sister

My sister, Kate, managed to catch me at home on the phone tonight, and we had a good conversation. She was calling to wish me a happy birthday. I don’t talk to her often enough, and I really enjoyed this one.

I’ve always considered her the hardest-working and most focused of my family, and I guess I’ve never really told her how much I admire her for that. But I have also gotten the impression that the same driving forces that make her that way have also made her a little more transparent when she’s forcing herself to be tolerant of my straying from the path. I don’t feel like she loves me any less than anyone else in my family. It’s possible that she has a little less patience than the others when she sees me fucking up, which I have done on a regular basis.

I got more out of this conversation about how she lives her life, and what her priorities and concerns are, than I have in many years. She was really direct without being judgemental. She started talking about her son, Austin, and I started talking about Boo and she didn’t bat an eye.

I can’t really go into the significance of all this. It’s not for the Internet. But I just wanted to put out there that I had a really good talk with my sister and it meant a lot to me. I need to talk to her like that more often.

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