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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

Trip to Savannah

I have an upcoming trip to Savannah, Georgia. I’ll be flying out on September 11 (gulp!) and spending a week assessing the cathodic protection on the fuel systems at Hunter Army Airfield, home to the Aviation Brigade of 3rd ID, 1/75th Rangers, 3/160th SOAR and a Coast Guard Air Station, among others.

It was awkward trying to book a flight out – not because of the forboding anniversary, but because I don’t want to miss the opening season game of the San Diego Chargers against the Dallas Cowboys. Since my favorite airline is American (that extra two inches in coach is a really big deal for my long legs), I was able to book a connection through DFW and got a 3 hour plus lay-over. I’ll miss perhaps the first 15 minutes, but I figure just about every tv in the terminal will be tuned to the game. I tried booking a combination with an even longer lay-over – there was a SAN-DFW leg that got in an hour earlier, but would you believe it, it cost $190 more! That put me over my travel budget. Oh well, I’d rather miss the beginning than the end, even if it means I won’t get in to Savannah until after 10:00 pm. I just have to hope that the game doesn’t go into overtime.

I’ve booked a hotel with high speed internet access – wifi, not hard-wired, unfortunately; so I ought to be able to keep up with my blog while I’m away. I’ll have to bring a copy of Knoppix if I want to use Linux, though – the company really frowns on installing other OS’s on their laptops. Hmmm – would they be able to tell? They use AssetMetrix for monitoring our machines. I’m looking at the report for my desktop – I think the IT Department have given up any hope of keeping me under control, and they gave me a copy of my report when I asked. I see that AM detected the two NTFS partitions on my hard drive, but would they sense a ext3 partition? Windows doesn’t seem to.

Well, nix that idea- there’s only 1.6 GB free on the laptop I’m bringing.

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HWP54G/Ralink 2500/Fedora Progress Report

How I got my Hawking HWP54G PCI wireless card working with Linux, and links to drivers, instructions and forums so that you can do it too.

If you came here through a search engine link, you should try my updated post for more details and tons of links.

Original post:
I have had a couple of oppurtunities to try and install the Hawking HWP54G Wireless PCI Desktop Network Adaptor with my Fedora Core 4. My version uses the RaLink rt2500 chipset. So far it hasn’t worked. According to what I’ve seen on the support boards at the rt2x00 SourceForge project, others have been able to install the drivers with FC4, but there have been a variety of problems encountered. I’ve managed to find descriptions of problems similar to what I’m seeing, and am trying the proscribed solutions.

I spent too much time at first trying to learn the ins and outs of yum, FC4’s software management system, because I was anticipating needing to install qt like I had to in FC3. Turns out all I needed to do was doubleclick the rpm while viewing the contents of the install DVD, and then I found that under FC4 it is recommended to use the system network configuration tools instead of the config utility that came with the drivers (which is what I needed qmake for in the first place.)

Likewise, when I was unable to even make the driver, I learned that I needed to install the kernel development rpm. I used the same technique, and I hope I picked the right kernel development package. I got two warnings, but the make went through. The RT2500 driver showed up in the network configuration, but it still doesn’t work. I am trying to tweak the settings to enable access to my WAP, but so far have not had success. I can’t tell whether the driver is failing to install or if something is keeping me from connecting.

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