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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Greetings From Savannah

After recovering from a severe case of last-minute packing and jet lag, I am now ready to tackle a blog entry. I say tackle, because with a little hotel fridge full of beer, the season premiere of House on the tv, and a mother-16 year old daughter fracas that I’m trying to moderate long distance, I don’t know how long this motivation will last.

First, the good stuff – by which I mean the stuff about me. Do I really need to describe the agony and frustration of a Chargers fan after Sunday? How about a Chargers fan, in transit, forced to watch the game in a Cowboys-themed bar at Dallas-Fort Worth airport? How about having to go through TSA security to grab a smoke? How about getting a boarding call for the final flight of the day to Savannah in the last few seconds of the last Chargers drive that could win the game? How about hearing 500 people burst into cheering when you’re looking for that monitor carrying the game? Yeah – interception in the endzone. The Chargers lost 28-24 to Dallas, basically because they repeatedly earned automatic first-down penalties during Dallas third and long situations, therefore doing a better job for Dallas than the Cowboy’s offensive line. And considering the last half of our schedule, that was pretty much a must-win game. Not to mention the bet I made with Web – stay tuned for the requisite self-humilating photo.

Aw, fuck. Yep, I said it in my blog. You know those close tab boxes in Mozilla? I just accidentally closed this Write Post tab while jumping back from getting a link, and I lost 25 minutes of writing. I give up. Well, if there isn’t an Autosave plugin already published for WordPress, I have a new project.

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