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Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Welcome Home

I got back from Savannah really running on empty, not so much from the jet lag that had been dogging me all week, but in particular from the two-hour phone conversion I had with an old buddy in the middle of the night on Friday, after I had given up on keeping my head clear and deciding to blow off packing until 4 in the morning. Not that I fault him – his crisis was really up there as far as personal crises go, and he really needed to talk. He’s helped me out in big ways before, and I would have taken that call anytime, and besides, he thought I was on the left coast, where it was only 9:30. I only hope I was able to give him some comfort.

So I’ve been snatching sleep when I can and trying to get back to a regular cycle. (Which, incidentally, I’m throwing off by blogging right now.) At some point I was able to sit down at my main home computer, immediately noticed something that shouldn’t be there, reinstalled and ran AdAware (which had been mysteriously uninstalled), and it found 341 items! WTF! Another reason to build a simple web-browser box for everyone else in the house and turn my gem into a Linux-only machine. I am just very concerned about using my prime box as a webserver – maybe I need to build two extra boxes.

So for all of you waiting with baited breath for my next post (Har! Har!), you’ll just have to survive on the dribs and drabs I can toss you while I catch up. Of course, resuming my quest to get my HWP54G running under Fedora Core 4 will be important, but on a time-available basis.

I couldn’t believe how much I missed Boo while I was gone. He is definitely turning into a bright spot in my life.

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