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Friday, September 30th, 2005

Need Cowboys Paraphernalia

I haven’t posted my humiliating photo, as per a lost bet, because I had counted on getting a jersey or something from our new technician, who hails from Longview, TX. Unfortunately, he says he can’t find any of his stuff – I guess a couple of months isn’t enough time for a young, single guy to unpack. So I’m in the odd spot of needing a Dallas fan here in San Diego.

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A9 by Amazon

I was going through my server logs and found an interesting 404 hit – someone asked for “siteinfo.xml”. A quick search lead me to the A9 developer blog. They want to use it as a resource for their A9 toolbar.

I generally despise custom toolbars because 98% of the ones I’ve encountered so far have been spyware. But, judging from the number of times I’ve found them on departing employee’s browsers, they seem to be popular. Of course, probably 98% of web surfers nowadays are not very tech-savvy.

I’ve only gotten 5 requests for the siteinfo.xml file since the end of May, so I guess there’s no rush in deciding whether I want to create one for my site. Interesting how A9 is relying on the spread of this “standard”:

The introduction of SiteInfo has not be [sic] publicized at all. It was our hope that word of mouth and simple curiosity (as website owners noticed the requests for “siteinfo.xml” from, would be enough to generate some traction. This strategy seems to have started paying off. The number of sites with valid siteinfo.xml files has been steadily increasing — although this is so early in the game that almost all growth looks like it could fit an exponential curve.

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