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Monday, October 24th, 2005

Travel Breaks A Long Pause

So what can you say after not posting for almost a month? I guess after a couple of weeks you just have to wait for the impulse to find something momentous to die off, and when you get the chance, post. Right now I’m in a hotel room in Shiloh, Illinois, and tomorrow I’ll start working on the cathodic protection on the fuel systems at Scott Air Force Base.

It’s been a busy month. I’ve tried changing my work schedule to start working at 6:00 am so I can be home by 3:00 pm, and it’s really been kicking my butt. The quiet time at the end of the day, when the baby has gone to sleep, is now gone, because I usually fall asleep right along with him. I used to get some writing in then. Plus, at work I’ve cranked out a series of rush-rush reports and gotten into another job that took whatever spare time I did have at the computer – yes, I’m actually coding on the job! We’re making a database of cathodic protection systems for a client with a small municipal water system, and I’m writing the VBA code for the interface.

I’ve also had a round of doctor’s appointments to go to, which means making up more time lost. This month is the fifth anniversary of my diagnosis of Stage III malignant melanoma, and I’m getting some pretty complete checkups to assess how I’m doing. Considering that a Stage III only has a 60% chance of surviving five years, I’ve already done well, but I’ll hold off on the real relief until I get the PET scan results back.

Well, I’m back, but I’m not going to push it. See you around.

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