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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Way Cool – At First

Ok, I was impressed…

Here’s the comment that appeared within hours after my last post about Virtual Identity (yeah, I could put a link to it, but now it’s in your face):

Mark says:

As I was moderating the new virtual identity sign-ups (generally to remove the links left by the sex boys), I came across this page. It is true, displays an error page. The development of this page doesn’t have priority with us. And as far as the business model is concerned there is not much to see, although you forgot to mention that when you sign-up (using PayPal subscriptions) you get GREG @ PERRY VI as your email address.

Some people think that is pretty cool…

Ramble on my friend

I thought it was pretty cool of Mark, whom I’m guessing is Mr. van O, that he responded to my less than laudatory post with humor and a well-placed plug. I remember the old days when the SysOp really was god, and quite a few of them would have permanently banned me from their site for a jibe like that. Like I really needed their 5-line 2400 baud Wildcat site! Well, unless I couldn’t find any place else to get my TradeWars fix…

I think it’s admirable that MD hand-screens their sign ups to keep the porn peddlers out; and don’t get me wrong – pushing the US Virgin Islands IANA country code as an abbreviation for your product is smart. I can guess why they’re not pushing “Net Avatar” as their product – the business trips wouldn’t be as relaxing.

I’ll admit to being mystified by Internet company business models. I’m not trashing them all in general because I was burned (I wasn’t) during the ’02 bubble bursting and am a “new economy – can’t go wrong” / “well, of course it’s cyclic” revisionist – I have always been mystified. And more than a little peeved, because I could so easily have been one of those dot com millionaires who retired at thirty, but I was held back from getting into it because I couldn’t imagine how this and that idea would be able to make money. I just didn’t figure that the investment bankers handing out all that cash didn’t know it wasn’t going to work, but they wanted to believe. I wouldn’t have been able to accept their money for a doomed idea anyway. The curse of knowing too much.

Hmmm. Now I’m trying to restrain myself from ranting about that particular open wound, which is wasting a lot of time. I wish you the best of luck, Mark of Mainland Digital, and with a PageRank of 0 for your page, you’ll need some. Did you know we first registered our Domain Names on exactly the same day?

As for the error page – it doesn’t look to me or my browser to be an error page. It looks like a one-line html file. I, too, have put up pages just to give the prying eyes something to find, but not what they want – check out my Nimda worm defense at But I find the unexpected blank wall to be intriguing, if not compelling. Recognize this place? Of course you do.

St Thomas Communications

Unfortunately for me (because this is really starting to take away from my FC4 reinstall and my SuSE 10.0 upgrade), the more someone looks like he’s trying to cover his trail, the more I feel compelled to follow it. And I guess I’m not the only one, because the spam hunter Roger Rojisan took note of you in his December 20th, 2004 entry:

I present the referer-spam site of the month,… brought to you by

Mainland Digital, Inc.
168 Crown Bay, Suite 310…

Name: Marcus van Oxxxxxxxxx
Organization Name: MAAR Internet Business Partners
Street Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
City: Amsterdam
State: NH
Post Code: xxxxxx
Country: nl
Phone #: +31 20 412 xxxx
Fax #: +31 20 412 xxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So now I’m starting to wonder whether there isn’t much to see of your business plan, or whether it’s just that you don’t want anyone to see it. I wonder what’s going on here?

NOTE: Be sure to check out the exchange of comments attached to this post before you make any negative conclusions. I’m not accusing here, merely pointing out that there is an appearance that something fishy might be going on. I could be completely wrong.

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Virtual Identity

Ever hear of Virtual Identities? I’m not surprised – I couldn’t find out much about the company Mainland Digital. The domain of the registrant’s administrative contact’s email,, has a funny page that tries to look like a http error. Some bright spark has scooped up a lot of common last names in the Virgin Islands and set up subdomains with forwarding, and is handing them out for free with a 30-day-login-to-renew requirement, or US$6.95 a year to hold. Can’t say I see much in the business model.

But for now, you can get to my site through the link

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Other Sites/Blogs Deleted

I’ve just deleted my Yahoo account, corrosionaussie, which included email, a couple of group memberships, my Geocities page and my Yahoo 360° site. Yahoo tells me that it will take ninety days to take everything down. I also deleted my LiveJournal blog and will probably do the same with my SDF account and account.

I’ll admit that my small but noticeable collection of online free accounts and blogs was initially an attempt to establish inbound links to this site to affect my search engine listings, and to try and stake out my claim to “altjira” as an identity on the Internet, but I can now see the futility of that effort. The Yahoo pages and had/have RageRanks of 0, and… wait a minute – the SDF page has apparently gone up to a 3, and the LiveJournal was a 2. Hmmm.

Still, from what I can see, if I concentrate on posting good content, my position will gradually and naturally improve. Yes, seeing traffic come in is a validation of my efforts, and search engine rankings are key to getting that traffic. Is it really narcissism to be interested in rankings and improving them? Judging from commercial search engine optimization operations and blogging and webmaster howtos, concern over search engine placement is perfectly valid, and an important part of the webmaster learning process. I started this site mostly from an interest in learning how to set up and operate a website, not because I had a driving urge to share what I had to say with the world. This blog was a secondary interest, and maintaining and modifying the WordPress installation has been just as much, if not more than, a satisfying experience in itself. Still, the blog has taken on a life of its own, but sometimes I still find it a struggle to balance the time I spend between writing and coding.

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