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Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Virtual Identity

Ever hear of Virtual Identities? I’m not surprised – I couldn’t find out much about the company Mainland Digital. The domain of the registrant’s administrative contact’s email,, has a funny page that tries to look like a http error. Some bright spark has scooped up a lot of common last names in the Virgin Islands and set up subdomains with forwarding, and is handing them out for free with a 30-day-login-to-renew requirement, or US$6.95 a year to hold. Can’t say I see much in the business model.

But for now, you can get to my site through the link

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One Response to “Virtual Identity”

  1. Mark says:

    As I was moderating the new virtual identity sign-ups (generally to remove the links left by the sex boys), I came across this page. It is true, displays an error page. The development of this page doesn’t have priority with us. And as far as the business model is concerned there is not much to see, although you forgot to mention that when you sign-up (using PayPal subscriptions) you get GREG @ PERRY VI as your email address.

    Some people think that is pretty cool…

    Ramble on my friend