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Sunday, December 11th, 2005

Brevity Comic on Bloggers

I can’t help but wonder if this is a dig on a certain comic artist’s older brother, but I like it and Rodd graciously gave me permission to post this in my blog:

Brevity comic on bloggers, published December 9, 2005

He’s teased me a bit about this blog, disparaging some of my posts as mindless drivel that was encouraged by the power to blog; and I’ve also pissed him off by inappropriately reproducing emails from him and pictures of his family. The former is a fair criticism, the latter a serious error on my part that I have hopefully fixed and learned from.

Still, I think it’s fair of me at this point to complain about his merchandising. Perhaps it’s out of his control, but my favorite cartoons are not available on a coffee mug, and I would dearly love to sport a Brevity coffee mug around the office. Where’s my all-time favorite, the “heaven ran out of wings” panel, or the “Lassie teaches Timmy a lesson” or the debut “not the dog” ? But I can get the controversial “not the cat”.

Hopefully, we’ve made some progress on the effort to restore Brevity to the LA Times. I had hoped to stage a coup by asking Wil Wheaton to blog about it, but he didn’t respond to my emails. Bummer.

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