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Monday, December 12th, 2005

Hooray for the Cowboys!

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As a former Redskins fan, who came of age in the Philadelphia area; and especially since Dallas beat San Diego on opening day, it’s been tough to root for the Cowboys. But this year, when the AFC West plays the NFC East, I’ve found several occasions where I was doing so. Today they beat Kansas City, when at the same time San Diego had a disheartening loss at home against Miami. This put the Chargers’ hopes for a spot in the playoffs in extreme peril, but Dallas’s victory has kept us alive. Thanks, you %$#%$#s!

We’re now two games behind Denver for the AFC West; and we face Indianapolis away, KC away, and Denver at home. Denver has Buffalo away, Oakland at home, and SD. We have to win all three and Denver has to lose at Buffalo (possible, I hope) to throw us deep into the tie-breaking rules for the AFC West title.

Jacksonville seems to have a lock on the first wildcard slot – at 9 and 4 they face San Francisco, Houston and Tennessee, all losing teams. That puts the contention for the second wild card slot up against SD, Pittsburgh and Kansas City.

Pittsburgh faces Minnesota away, Cleveland away, and Detroit at home. That’s two gimmes and hoping that the Vikings can pull it off, who are in the hunt themselves. Pittsburgh has to lose at least one, and we have to win all three of our remaining games, because we loose a tiebreaker between the Chargers and Pittsburgh thanks to our head-to-head loss.

Kansas City will face the NY Giants away, SD at home, then Cincinnati at home. We already have to count on beating the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, which is always a tough thing to do.

So Sunday’s loss to Miami was pretty much an unmitigated disaster. The Chargers, once again, should have won, but this looks like a pretty clear case of underestimating your opponent. And that attitude was instilled in the entire team when Marty went for it on fourth and eight in the first quarter. Why did he do that? We didn’t need to at that point, and we got the first down, but it showed a callous disrespect for the Dolphins, and that came right back and bit us.

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