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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Site Meter

Something recently set me off on a button-adding frenzy in my side bar. If you look off to the right (assuming you’re not using an RSS feed) you’ll see I’ve added a whole bunch of auto-subscribe buttons and other… well, some of them I’m not sure what they do!

But in the midst of looking at other blogs and sites for their aggregator links I stumbled across Site Meter, and I’ve been blown away by their spiffy visitor tracking tools. I’ve set the site traffic reports as public, so you can see my site’s report.

What’s most impressive to me is that they ignore bot crawls and my visits, which is a major stumbling block for me when trying to read my own server logs and Go Daddy’s Traffic Facts reports. Site Meter can also automatically look up a visitor’s ip address and give me his ISP and tons of other information. For instance, I saw on a summary report that I had a visitor from New York City, but when I looked at that individual visitor report I saw that the ISP was the European Space Agency, and that the visiting machine was using Hungarian and was set to Central European Time. Another spiffy tool was the Recent Visitors by World Map page, showing dots all over the world. Cool! Boy, I wish I could do that here on my own page.

And all this is free, although Site Meter offers a premium service for a hefty minimum US$59 a year, depending on traffic. That’s more than I pay for hosting! Their premium service offers a lot more ways of organizing the same data, but it doesn’t yet look like there’s anything I need. The free service is plenty impressive; that is, unless I’m using a trial period of the premium service right now.

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