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Saturday, December 17th, 2005


Vincent, I see you checking in on me! I’m working on it!

This evening I printed out the code and followed it step by step. I can see that, although I have learned from the way the author wrote the plugin, I would do it sort of differently. Things are complicated by the matter of copyright issues. Although the WordPress codex states that “any license you choose to use must be compatible with the GPL“, the author made no reference to the GPL and explicitly retained copyright in one of his files. This means I can’t publish my modified files. However, I’m going to take a chance and write and publish a howto for modifying the original files, and we’ll let the lawyers work it out. When I get the time, I’ll start on a new plugin from scratch that I will publish under the GPL.

So, back to work. I want to get this out.

Posted by Greg as Programming at 12:06 PST