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Saturday, December 17th, 2005


Vincent, I see you checking in on me! I’m working on it!

This evening I printed out the code and followed it step by step. I can see that, although I have learned from the way the author wrote the plugin, I would do it sort of differently. Things are complicated by the matter of copyright issues. Although the WordPress codex states that “any license you choose to use must be compatible with the GPL“, the author made no reference to the GPL and explicitly retained copyright in one of his files. This means I can’t publish my modified files. However, I’m going to take a chance and write and publish a howto for modifying the original files, and we’ll let the lawyers work it out. When I get the time, I’ll start on a new plugin from scratch that I will publish under the GPL.

So, back to work. I want to get this out.

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3 Responses to “Hovering”

  1. Vincent says:

    Ha ha, dear Greg I fully support your efforts :-)

    If you have any problems writing your own plugin I would suggest to take Tijs his offer of testing your Beta. He is a really good php programmer but hasn’t got the time to write such plugin.

    If you are writing your own plugin I would suggest making it a real interesting one by integrating some other plugin features:

    1) Combine it with the login of WP.
    What a mayor aim should be in a new plugin is that it motivates people to register on your weblog. As you can see on my weblog I’ve placed a login box in my sidebar. So to motivate people to register this box should trigger something.

    I would suggest that before you login visitors can only see how many other visitors and bots are currently online. Say something like this:

    Welcome Guest
    Currently online:
    Guest: 16
    Members: 3
    Bots: 2

    When people login they see something like:

    Welcome John
    Currently online:
    Guest: 15
    Members: Greg, Tim, Vincent, John
    Bots: Google Bot, Yahoo Bot

    >>Your Profile
    >>Site Admin

    Off course it should only show the members nicknames.

    It would be truly great it you would incorporate a chat or shoutbox which would only appear after you login. This would make this chat option more private: for your visitors only and would be another incentive to register / login. All efforts in developing plugins like these would make WordPress more suitable for small community weblogs.

    In short keep up the good work and if you need any assistance please contact us. Although my php understanding is extremely poor.

  2. Tijs says:

    if you are up for it i would write your own, no license trouble and more control… Vincent is listing some cool options i think, the differentiation between guests and registered users probably being the most important one. If i were you i would make the ip and browser check optional since most non programming people would probably not need these functions. Good luck anyway, when you have something to test feel free to mail me.

  3. Choco says:

    The Bullshit chat that we use (ajax based & wordpress plugin) actually already has an option of only enabling blog registered users only etc.
    However, backreading the seperate database it uses is not that easy. Funny to notice that blogsoftware as Pivot uses no database at all but just xml. I don’t know about the datalevel this generates (2 costly for big blogs?) but that would make the installment easier as well. Not that I would be hindered by the need of an installment of a database (how would plugin users otherwise got their standalone wordpress anyway). Backreading your database though your browser (which should be able with a xml based database is a great feature I think however, especially if you are profiling some users in any form or shape).