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Monday, December 19th, 2005

Visit from the Boss

This morning my boss mentioned that he had taken a look at my blog over the weekend. He had been there when someone else at John Water’s memorial service told me that they had found my In Memoriam post, and he said that he would have to go and check it out himself. Once I knew he had been here, it was very easy to spot his visit in my logs and see which pages he had accessed. It’s a good thing that I haven’t bitched about work here! Not that I have anything at all bad to say about him – any problems I have with my employer are at a level higher than my immediate supervisor. My current boss is the best civilian boss I’ve ever had, and I’ve turned down other offers just because it meant leaving the people I work with.

Still, it is a reminder to exercise judgment about what I post. It really is all out there for anyone to see. Coincidently, my boss told me about his visit just after a coworker had told me that he had recently had a conversation with the president of a large construction firm in the corrosion industry, who mentioned that he had found my blog.

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Attaboy, Chargers!

The team that showed up in Indianapolis yesterday was the one I had been expecting to have all season. Well, except for the turnovers, but they made good for those. They dominated the Colts and won, 26-17. But both Denver and Pittsburgh won as well, so the Charger’s playoff hopes lie in a win by either Oakland or Cleveland next weekend. Both are long shots, but all I want for Christmas is for the Chargers to make the playoffs.

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