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Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

WP-UserOnline Hacks

I’ve compared my hacked versions of the WP-UserOnline plugin to the released versions and compiled the differences in a text file. I put the file, called “Instructions.txt”, in my online folders.

Hopefully, if you haven’t been able to get the old plugin working, you can follow these instructions and get your own version working. I can’t released my own hacked files because the author did not explicitly license them under the GPL. It was a tedious job to find the differences, so I would appreciate any feedback as to whether you were able to follow them and get the plugin working or not.

Good luck!

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Chargers Playoffs Scenarios – Week 16

The San Diego Union Tribune did a better job than me figuring out all the options for the San Diego Chargers to make the playoffs with two regular season games to go – there is another scenario that I didn’t consider.

We already know the following:

What the UT pointed out is that if San Diego and Pittsburgh both win their last two games, but Jacksonville loses one of its two, there would be a three-way tie for the two wildcards. The three-way tiebreaking rules are different – the head-to-head rule, by which we would lose to Pittsburgh if it was just between us, doesn’t apply because San Diego hasn’t played Jacksonville this year; and we go to conference record. Under that rule, San Diego would get the fifth seed, Jacksonville would get sixth, and Pittsburgh would be out.

So who does Jacksonville face? Houston away and Tennessee at home, both division games. Houston is 2-12 – not much hope there. But assuming Jacksonville wins that one, they will have clinched a playoff spot regardless, which makes the last game more interesting. Tennessee is currently 4-10, so I had considered that game a gimme for the Jaguars, even though they’re the weakest AFC team in playoff contention. But what if Jacksonville wants to rest up for the playoffs? With the wildcard slot secured, what is their motivation to play their A game? As we’ve seen around the league, especially this year, and especially for my poor Chargers, anything can happen in a football game. So it’s another hope for me.

Furthermore, the game would determine who Jacksonville faces in the first round. With two games remaining, there’s a lot of ifs about seeding order, but the difference between fifth and sixth seed is the opponent you end up facing. With the race so tight, they might not know who they would face until the end of gameday.

Yes, it is technically possible for San Diego to still get into the playoffs even if we lose one of our last two games, but that is a real long shot. Jacksonville and Pittsburgh would both have to lose their last two games.

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Visitor Maps

Aren’t these cool? They’re screenshots off Sitemeter from yesterday. They only have the last one hundred visitors to my site, so the pattern of dots changes constantly – right now I don’t show any from Africa or South America, but I’ve had several visits from both in the last couple of days. Also, the balance in these shots is tilted towards North America over Europe. When it’s evening in Europe, the balance typically tilts there.

World map of last 100 visitors to Greg R

European Map of last 100 visitors to Greg R

North American Map of last 100 visitors to Greg R

I was recently looking into web mapping applications so that I could display something like this on my own website without using an external host. I could have sworn I saw exactly the same world map, in flash, as an open source project on SourceForge, but I couldn’t find it again last night. If anyone recognizes these, can you let me know which project it is? Maybe I initially dismissed it because it required loading on the hosting machine, which I don’t think my hosting supplier allows – at least, not without upgrading my account.

Still, something like this would require exactly the same type of underlying visitor recording that I’m considering for the plugin I’ve been discussing with my new-found Dutch friends, and would probably need only the simplest of overlays using the Google Maps API. But the big problem is time. My first online priority right now should be spiffying up my daughter’s color guard website, not coding plugins. Besides, I searched Google for wordpress openid, and saw a lot of calls for WP to integrate OpenID support to the core WordPress files. Add me to the list of supporters! It is an official suggestion for the 1.6 release, but it doesn’t seem to have been accepted. OpenID logins would change everything, so the plugin would be very quickly outdated, unless I could get some inside poop on how the integration would work so that I could incorporate something into the code like an isset($_COOKIE) check.

Almost finished documenting the hacks in my wp-useronline deployment. Maybe I can finish and post during my lunch time.

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