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Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Elbow and Send – Definition

I’m sure many of you have wondered about the true meaning of the term “elbow and send”, and have been searching high and low for the definition. You’ve gone to Wikipedia and seen the absence, you’ve tried using define in Google, you’ve Googled the term and checked out all those links, with so many disappointments.

Well, I have, too. And I’m not giving out any links to my obscure references, so only people who really want to know, the ones who have gone through what I have gone through, will be interested, and they’ll be coming straight here from search engines. I’m going to post the count.

I have my own thoughts on what the phrase actually means… but I don’t want to prejudge anyone. I invite you to submit comments. [Update – see comments below for my submission]

It’s my conclusion that the phrase is a total insider joke. I’ve been a geek long enough that if it was true geek speak, I’d know it. If it was l33t – well, there have been plenty of dictionaries made for that moronic fad. Virtually all the references point back to the original source, with a couple of trying-to-sound cool imitators using it in what they hope is in context. It’s entirely possible that the entire blogging feud is a pretext for seeding the phrase out and seeing how far it spreads, you power-mad fiends!

Well, if I’ve been suckered in, I have to say that it’s all been worth it. The posts are hilarious, and the animation is teh boss.

[As promised, here’s my visitor report:]
Total: 30 – 1/9/06
Search engines:
Google Blog Search
Google UK
Google Australia
Google Canada

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Problems with UserOnline 2.0

Based on a quick review of the new code:

To give him credit, GamerZ does ask for feedback to improve his plugin.

Posted by Greg as Programming at 11:40 PST

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Original UserOnline Rereleased for WP 2.0

GamerZ has announced that he has updated his UserOnline plugin for WordPress 2.0, so you should know that there may be an out-of-the-box solution for your needs. However, looking at his demo, it still doesn’t incorporate the functionality you’re asking for. I’ll download it and look at the code.

Posted by Greg as Programming at 05:45 PST

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