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Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Chargers 2006 Schedule

The San Diego Chargers know their opponents for 2006. Next year we play the AFC North and the NFC West, as well as the third-ranked teams from AFC East and South. (And, of course, six games in our division.) Here they are:

Denver (13-3)
Kansas City (10-6)
Oakland (4-12)
Cleveland (6-10)
Pittsburgh (11-5)
Arizona (5-11)
St. Louis (6-10
Tennessee (4-12)

Denver (13-3)
Kansas City (10-6)
Oakland (4-12)
Baltimore (6-10)
Cincinnati (11-5)
San Francisco (4-12)
Seattle (13-3)
Buffalo (5-11)

It looks good for a killer year. Three non-divisional games stand out – Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Seattle – but the rest are against weak opponents. We better remember the lessons of Miami. We have the makings of anywhere from a 12-4 to a 14-2 season!

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