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Saturday, January 14th, 2006

San Diego Chargers Stadium Issue

Ever since confronting the Union Tribune’s foreboding headline today, I’d like to point out that whether the San Diego Chargers are going to leave our town is an issue that ought to get the juices flowing in all concerned locals, and that SD bloggers really ought to be posting their thoughts about it. Personally, there is no way to express the dismay I feel at the idea of losing the Chargers, especially since they appear to be in an effective (if sometimes stumbling) team-building mode that could make them one of the power players, and quite possibly a dynasty, in the NFL. I know a lot of people are still hurting about the Padres rip-off – how they parlayed a single year’s World Series bid into a taxpayer-financed treasury raid for a new stadium and then traded off their power players – but we stand to lose a lot if we let the Chargers go.

This issue embodies a lot of things that can get people worked up – local politics, incompetence, muckraking district attorneys, and even corruption that have lead us to be called “Enron-by-the-Sea“; environmental issues (who let those tanks farms leak all that stuff into our soil, and in South California?); sports, and the corollary – are sports too violent; public finances, or the lack thereof; and the national and international identity of a community that is seen by many as living in paradise, a cutting edge technological powerhouse, an overinflated real estate market headed for a bursting bubble, a place hurt by a confluence of non-locals, and even the drug-trafficking Miami of the Left Coast! Who could turn from sinking their teeth into such a juicy issue and the fallout, whether from jealousy (I walked the dog last night, in the middle of January, in a t-shirt and shorts) or pride?

I issue a call to arms for all San Diego bloggers – write what you think, criticize the others’ opinions, and most importantly, link and trackback to them!

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3 Responses to “San Diego Chargers Stadium Issue”

  1. San Diego Blog » Blog Archive » Chargers Stadium, and a lot more… says:

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  2. KirkH says:

    Maybe instead of building a new stadium we should build a better sports arena downtown – with the only retractable roof in the NBA – so when we get the Clippers back down here they can play in the sun and we can keep the tourist dollars rolling in.

  3. Greg says:

    Basketball!!! I know I said that you didn’t have to agree with me, but this is touching a raw nerve. What happens when you take a tall kid (eventually reaching 195cm – 6’5″) from a country where basketball is relatively unknown, and stick him in an American high school? I’ll tell you – you get a lot of people telling him he ought to play basketball. But of course, he has the ball-handling skills of a Pleistocene mastodon, and the only real talent he has is throwing bricks. So how does he end up thinking of the sport? Can you say “loathing”?

    The thing I learned to love about American football is that players can be praised for their ability to run into people. Now that’s something I can do!