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Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Google Finance – Corrpro

Well, it’s official – I got the first post on the new Google Finance discussion group on Corrpro Companies, Inc. It got approved 6 hours and 10 minutes after I submitted it. My profile is up and visible to all, which currently makes my private email available to anyone who wants it, and provides a link to my blog.

So the idea of putting up my own message board to replace the old Yahoo one is officially dead. I don’t have to worry about all the crap that would have gotten posted, and I won’t have all the work of trying to fair-handedly moderate it.

Of course, it also means that I can assume that anyone who is interested in Corrpro is going to be able to find his or her way here and see everything I write. Well, that’s always been true, and I’ve known it, but this just makes it easier to be found. Hmmm – just went back and reviewed all the posts I tagged with the Corrpro category, and I didn’t see anything that I couldn’t live with being read by every person in my chain of command, all the way up to the Chairman of the Board (who, accusations of sucking up aside, is a pretty decent guy – hell, I introduced him to my parents.) As a matter of fact, since I only recently came up with the idea of having a Corrpro category, I can see that I need to go all the way back and tag a few more with it. I’ve already re-tagged my post honoring the late John Waters, and that just makes me think that I need to also put up a post honoring his brother, whom I also worked with – the former NACE president, Don Waters, who passed away before I started my blog. Yes – I have his old yearbook photo, too.

I’m also going to have to email a few associates. I’m sure that my old boss, Blaine, will get a chuckle out of all this. And, of course, increased traffic drives up my Google Page Rank™, and maybe, with the exposure, I can get more people to jump on the Linux bandwagon as well.

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