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Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Companies Supporting Open-Source

In my last post, I mentioned IBM and Sun Microsystems as supporting open-source solutions. I just got the news that there’s another large technology company that I can add to the list – Microsoft!

MS announced at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo that it was releasing its Virtual Server 2005 hypervisor product as a free download, and for the first time ever, was providing support for Linux, although it is limited to Red Hat and SuSE – two Linux distros that I have used. The technical press is buzzing (4 links), seeing the move as a catchup attempt to compete with the better quality and more established VMware and the fast-growing open-source solution Xen.

If that doesn’t make my case that it should be ok to integrate Linux clients into MS server networks, I don’t know what will. MS, by this move, is acknowledging that users increasingly want and need Linux, and that integration can be achieved.

Hmmm – now it makes sense that Microsoft came to my blog looking for FC4 driver information. They must be building a knowledgebase for support! MS isn’t including Fedora Core versions on the supported list, but if they’re out there searching for driver information, they might be planning on expanding their support.

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One Response to “Companies Supporting Open-Source”

  1. Mahavir says:

    Thank for the information buddy, yes microsoft now can’t walk alone, as linux is used more in large organisations. So now time has come that microsoft should cooperate with linux to make a common platform for all the users.

    Again thkx.