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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

Headed for Surgery

Apparently, my surgeon was wrong about the lymphedema. (I’ve stopped trying to finish the MRI story for now – I hope to get back to it.) The MRI results came back, and I definitely have a “lesion”. Instead of continuing to try and figure out what it is, we’ll wait for the lab results after some technician cuts up the whole thing and puts it under the microscope, or whatever it is that they do, because I’m just going to get the whole thing cut out. Surgery is scheduled for next week – Thursday, 15 June, at 1400 PDT.

We have a fairly high degree of confidence that whatever it is, it’s not malignant, thanks to the PET scan, so I’m only running a small risk that I’ll have to go back under the knife to remove more surrounding tissue. I’ll be getting general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and hope to be back to work quickly, although I’ve requested the following day (Friday) off as well. The Incident of the Mysterious Lump is going to come to an end.

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  1. Ramblings » Blog Archive » Post-Op says:

    […] I had thought that I was slated for a general anesthesia procedure, where the surgeon would slice me open and remove the offending lesion. The revised procedure was to use only local anesthetic and extract it with a probe guided by ultrasound. Fair enough – it sounded less invasive, safer, and probably would have faster recovery. Plus I could drive myself home. The big downside, which really amused the scheduling assistant when I complained about it, was that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to have gory photos taken that I could post on my blog. See, Readers – I try and keep your interests in mind! […]