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Monday, August 21st, 2006

Brevity in Wikipedia

Since I’m a big user of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, and also a fan of by brother’s comic strip Brevity, I decided to check to see whether there was a Brevity entry. There wasn’t – the page where it should have been was a redirect to a World War II operation – so I created it. This entailed a little read up on the Wikipedia help pages, some cribbing from the styles of other comic strip entries, and research into the fair use of copyrighted images. The page now is very brief (the irony!), but at least it has been started, and I expect that other fans and myself will have it fully expanded in short order. I also need to download, fill out, and send to Guy & Rodd a request for permission to use the image that I uploaded.

The act of listing the authors pretty much automatically generated a request to create entries for Guy Endore-Kaiser and Rodd Perry, so we might shortly see Wikipedia entries for them. It feels sort of funny instigating an entry for my brother, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to write a biographical sketch of him for public consumption, but I guess I’m available for interviews from other people who want to do it. Looking on the Comics Portal at all the other listings, Rodd, as a published artist, clearly deserves an entry.

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