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Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Revenge of the Search Engines

I knew there were going to be problems by changing my site from to And they have come to be evident. Google thinks that these are two entirely different websites, and I have all but disappeared from the search engine results using terms that I had ranked very highly in before.

Oh well.

If anything, this will give me time to go back and make the changes that I want. It will help to be below the radar for a bit. I’m pretty confident that I can climb my way back up again.

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Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Launching CorrosionEngineer.Net

After considering the issue of whether to talk about my employer in this blog, thinking about what I wanted to write about my profession in general, and how to maximize the potential of owning the url CorrosionEngineer.Net, I have decided the following:

So I sunk a couple of bucks into hosting, started what will undoubtedly be an insane amount of effort, and created the start of CorrosionEngineer.Net. So far, it’s just a blog, but I outline what I intend to do and how I think I’ll do it. It is crazy, but it just might work.

Wish me luck.

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Blog Moved to Subdomain

I’m trying something new again that might mess a bunch of things up. I set up the subdomain for this blog. It’s one of my first tries with subdomains.

All the files are still actually located in, so I guess it’s some sort of redirect. The first thing I noticed is the pop up saying that my Google Maps API key was for a different site – is different than I got a new API key, so now everyone else who comes in through the old way will be seeing the pop up.

I’m also guessing this is going to screw up my search results in Google and other search engines, and probably screw up my PageRank. The redirect is also botching things when I try to log into other sites using OpenID.

I’ll have to chalk all this up to learning experiences.

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