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Saturday, June 2nd, 2007


Working in the Las Cruces, New Mexico, area for the last two weeks, I got one significant side benefit: a personal tour of the Trinity test site – the location of the world’s first nuclear explosion, and the McDonald Ranch House, where the bomb was assembled. Here’s a picture of me standing in the crater at ground zero:

Greg Perry at the Trinity Test Site, 2007
Photo by George Baird

I’ve been working a lot in the American Southwest lately – Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – and one of the few things I’ve taken time out for is stopping in to visit places of historical significance, like Fort Craig, Picacho Peak, Glorieta Pass, and the place where Billy the Kid died. Trinity was a major coup, as the site is only open to the public on two days a year, and I got to skip the crowd. Since I’m a dilettante, not a history buff, I’m sure I’ve been driving right by places that I would find fascinating if I had known about them.

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