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Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Prague, Czech Republic

Greg Perry in Prague
Photo by Pat Raabe

It’s the weekend, so of course we had to go take in some sights. After some consideration, we decided to drive to Prague (or Praha), in the Czech Republic. This city is incredibly beautiful. The US dollar goes a long way here, the people are rightly proud of their heritage, the architecture is awesome, nearly everyone speaks English, the food is wonderful, and OMG the beer! I’m now a fan of Pilsner Urquell. But best of all, Prague has way more of its fair share of tall, beautiful women. Imagine walking around and every block you see another Famke Janssen or Milla Jovovich. That’s Prague.

If my company ever decides to open an office here, I’ll be bashing heads to get the assignment. I don’t care how hard it is supposed to be to learn the language, I’d do it.

Current meatspace coordinates: 50.085°, 14.413°

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