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Monday, December 10th, 2007

Left My Cell Phone Behind

After a couple of weeks back in the San Diego office, it was time to go do my Road Warrior bit again. The company Christmas party was Saturday night, and early the next morning I drove the borrowed pool vehicle back to the office to drop it off. I might have been a little hung over (and no, I didn’t drive home from the party), and certainly I hadn’t had much sleep, so when my cell phone rang on the way, I took it off my belt, then put it in the truck’s console. And when I went to turn it off on the plane, it wasn’t there. Yep! it was still in the console!

So yesterday I flew from San Diego back to Kansas City, missing yet another Chargers game. The Bolts were down 3-10 at the start of the fourth quarter when I got on my connection at DFW, so I was mystified when the pilot announced the scores before landing. I didn’t believe it until I was able to verify it myself later. I missed a come-from-behind and OT win!

Breaking through the clouds at KC, I was amazed to see everything covered in white. It had snowed. And, off course, my car was just a big mound of ice and crusty snow in the long term parking lot, and my scrapper was in the garage. Oh well.

Today I drove about 1 080 km (670 miles) from Kansas City, Missouri, to Clovis, New Mexico. In between was Oklahoma, which was busy having one of the worst ice storms it has had in a long time. The whole state was in a declared state of emergency with more than a dozen dead in road accidents and hundreds of thousands without power. I navigated west, along Highway 54, passed through at the Panhandle, and managed to miss the worst of the storm before it headed north. I counted myself lucky making the trip in twelve hours, but there was a point in western Kansas were I had to pull over and knock more than a centimeter of ice off my windshield wipers, hood and lights. It was freezing rain, but it wasn’t sticking to the road.

It was also my first long trip with my new toy, a Garmin Nüvi 660 GPS navigation device. It seems to be designed more for local work – it started recalculating every time I pulled off the road for gas or something to eat. And although I had checked the route earlier (after putting in a waypoint to keep it from plotting a route through the iced-in areas), after one of those recalculations it decided it was faster to take me on a shortcut through backwater Texas roads just when I was looking forward to hitting the next town for dinner. I ended up with a chicken fried steak sandwich from a gas station off the I-40. I wish the find restaurant function had an option for selecting along the planned route. But hopefully it will come in handy here in town.

I can’t believe I’m back in Clovis. Not that there’s anything bad about the town or the people, it’s just that twelve or so years ago I come here as a coating inspector on a lead abatement job that turned into a nightmare. One morning we found one of the paint crew had hanged himself in the garage the night before, and had left the garage door open at the house were they were staying (yeah, the job kind of dragged out) so we would notice sooner.

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

2006 Chargers Playoffs SuperBowl Hopes – Week 13

Four regular season games to go, and although the San Diego Chargers don’t have it locked up yet, it’s going to take a plane crash (knock on wood) to keep them out of the playoffs. But thanks to the recent losses by Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Kansas City, my vision of how we’re going to win the AFC Championship and the SuperBowl is now hopelessly muddled. The AFC wild card slots are up for grabs in a (currently) five way tie between Cincinnati, NY Jets, KC, Denver, and Jacksonville. As for the NFC – who cares? Let them put together a dream team out of all their playoff winners – the Chargers will still beat them.

There are too many crucial games left, even to the final week, to guess at the final seeding, so I’m just going to give up on that. And without a grasp of the seeding, I can’t make specific calls on the post season. With a charged-up Cincinnati taking on Indianapolis in two weeks, the Chargers are looking at a possible number one seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

So this week, I’m turning to an increased focus on power rankings – those arbitrary, often capricious, weighing of the abilities of the top teams by the so-called experts. And this week, I can proudly proclaim that almost universal recognition has finally come to the Chargers – even CBS’s Pete Prisco has become a believer!

Here’s the current rankings of the top five teams, in order:

ESPN/ABC (Editor’s Poll)
San Diego
New England

USA Today (
San Diego
New England

CBS Sportsline (Pete Prisco)
San Diego
New England

Fox Sports (Peter Schrager)
San Diego
New England

NBC (uncredited)
San Diego
New England

NFL (Vic Carucci)
San Diego
New England

Sports Illustrated (Dr. Z)
San Diego
New England

Pro Football Weekly (Editor’s Poll)
San Diego
New England

I’m going to leave out the statistically based rankings (Football Outsiders, Aikman Efficiency) this week, where San Diego ranked 4th (?) and 2nd respectively. Although I have a engineer’s esteem for statistical analysis and calculation of probabilities, the closer I examine American football, the more I realize how much the intangibles matter. Perhaps that’s what draws me so much to this sport.

My observations this week focus on the opinions of the experts. Since I started monitoring them, I was struck by the variance in their views, and how even the best (highest paid? Most visible?) struggle to break 70% in calling the game winners each week. That’s not enough to consistently win the office pool. So why am I putting so much stock in them now? Well, for one, they’re saying what I want to hear. But for another, if you look at the rankings above, you’ll see a clear pattern – San Diego is first, Indianapolis is second, and the rest is a muddle. When you get this much consistency, there’s generally a reason. Sometimes the experts are right.

Although I hate to admit it, it is possible that I have consistently underrated the Colts all year long. Maybe it was jealousy from the accolades they have received. But as things stand now, I have to call a San Diego – Indianapolis AFC Championship game. And in that, I’ll go back to my gut – the Chargers are, and all this year have been, a better team than Indianapolis.

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Friday, November 24th, 2006

2006 Chargers Playoff Hopes – Week 11+

With a Kansas City win over Denver on Thanksgiving, and San Diego facing the weak Oakland at home this Sunday, calling the winner of the AFC West this year gets a little easier – it’s San Diego, as long as they don’t mess up against the Raiders. San Diego should win, but with their heavy causalities on the defense, Oakland’s desire to play hard during this traditional rivalry, and the idea of recent praise getting to the Chargers’ heads and softening them up, it’s definitely not a given. I’m counting on Marty to ride this team so that they don’t soften, and they’ve spent too much time this season with no respect to let the recent notice of the talking heads go to their heads yet. Our depth at defense has proven itself, and our second and third stringers are ready and able to show their ability to take the 2006 Chargers to their destiny – all the way.

So at this point in the season, I’m not so worried about discussing whether the Chargers will make the playoffs – I’m looking at how they will be positioned, and their chances of going to the SuperBowl. And despite the dominance of the Chicago Bears over the NFC, there’s just no way that the AFC Champion won’t be able to take the NFC victor this year.

So I’ve done an analysis of the AFC at this point. Wow, what a struggle! So many good teams going up against each other; so many unknowns and outcomes impossible to call. There’s a lot of great football left this year. But I’ve looked at the remaining schedule and I’m ready to try the impossible. Why not? Just lump me in as another talking head.

Here’s what we have left in the AFC, looking at the current leaders. First, the current division leaders, with records and streaks. Divisional games are highlighted in red, conference games in yellow:

SD 8-2 (+4) IND 9-1 (-1) BAL 8-2 (+4) NE 7-3 (+1)
OAK 2-8 (-3) PHI 5-5 (-1) PIT 4-6 (+2) CHI 9-1 (+2)
@BUF 4-6 (+1) @TEN 3-7 (+1) @CIN 5-5 (+1) DET 2-9 (-3)
DEN 7-4 (-2) @JAX 6-4 (+1) @KC 7-4 (+2) @MIA 5-6 (+4)
KC 7-4 (+2) CIN 5-5 (+1) CLE 3-7 (-1) HOU 3-7 (-1)
@SEA 6-4 (-1) @HOU 3-7 (-1) @PIT 4-6 (+2) @JAX 6-4 (+1)
ARI 2-8 (+1) MIA 5-6 (+4) BUF 4-6 (+1) @TEN 3-7 (+1)

My calls:

SD 13-3 IND 14-2 BAL 12-4 NE 11-5

Looking at the wildcard possibilities:

KC 7-4 (+2) DEN 7-4 (-2) JAX 6-4 (+1) CIN 5-5 (+1) NYJ 5-5 (-1)
@BUF 4-6 (+1) @CLE 3-7 (-1) HOU 3-7 (-1)
@CLE 3-7 (-1) SEA 6-4 (-1) @MIA 5-6 (+4) BAL 8-2 (+4) @GB 4-6 (-1)
BAL 8-2 (+4) @SD 8-2 (+4) IND 9-1 (-1) OAK 2-8 (-3) BUF 4-6 (+1)
@SD 8-2 (+4) @ARI 2-8 (+1) @TEN 3-7 (+1) @IND 9-1 (-1) @MIN 4-6 (-4)
@OAK 2-8 (-3) CIN 5-5 (+1) NE 7-3 (+1) @DEN 7-4 (-2) @MIA 5-6 (+4)
JAX 6-4 (+1) SF 5-5 (+3) @KC 7-4 (+2) PIT 4-6 (+2) OAK 2-8 (-3)

My calls:

KC 11-5 DEN 10-6 JAX 10-6 CIN 8-8 NYJ 10-6

Now, that would leave three teams at 10-6, fighting for the last wildcard spot. According to the NFL tiebreaking rules, three tied teams would first resort to divisional records:

10-6 Current Projected
DEN 3-2 3-3
JAX 1-3 2-4
NYJ 3-1 5-1

That would put the New York Jets into the sixth seed and the playoffs. Can’t say I’m happy about that, given the way the Jets knocked San Diego out during the Chargers miracle 2004 season, but that would result in the following first round of the playoffs:

Home Team Record Against Record My Call
Indianapolis 14-2 Bye
San Diego 13-3 Bye
Baltimore 12-4 New York Jets 10-6 Baltimore
New England 11-5 Kansas City 11-5 New England

Continuing to the second round:

Home Team Against
My Call
Indianapolis New England New England
San Diego Baltimore San Diego

So I’m calling an AFC Championship game of San Diego vs. New England at San Diego. I’ll call that game at San Diego by 3, and the Chargers go on to the SuperBowl, where they’ll win by 8.

Go Chargers!

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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

San Diego Chargers Power Rankings, Week 11

Although it becomes increasingly obvious to me that I am still a neophyte football fan*. I have put quite a bit of time this season searching the Internet for a metric that recognized my favorite team. At first I relied on oddsmakers, but then I found that (what turned out to be) ephemeral grading – the Power Rankings. Since neither of these gave me satisfaction after I had gone and seen the team at training camp, I chose instead to relish in the knowledge that I was sitting on a sleeper – the 2006 Chargers were SuperBowl contenders, and noboby seemed to realize it. After what I had seen, I found that I had discovered my own personal appreciation for the skill set that went into NFL football.

So here we are after Week 11, looking at the record, and trying to assess the potential that has already been revealed in predicting the outcome of the season. Other people, far more experienced than me, are trying to do so as well. I can’t eliminate my prejudice, and I know now that nobody can foresee the future in a game that only counts winning, when winning is an outcome determined by too many factors to calculate. But we still keep trying to – I guess that’s human nature.

What I can do is show how others have started falling in line with my way of thinking (I tried making a neat table, but it’s too much of a pain):

Fox – #1
NFL – Aikman Efficiency – #2
Sports Illustrated – #2
Football Outsiders – #2 (statistics junkies)
NBC – #3
USA Today – #3
CBS – #4 (Stupid Prisco!)
NFL – Vic Carucci – #4 (Stupid Carucci!)

Keep in mind that many of these links will go to the current week, so their life is limited.

*I was born and raised in Australia, coming to the USA at the age of 14 in 1979. As a native of the Melbourne area, I grew up with Australian Rules Football, and was a dedicated Carlton fan back when the club featured Alex Jesaulenko. (Yes, I’m sure I watched The Mark during the 1970 Grand Final against Collingwood!)

During my bumbling adolescent years [193 cm (6′ 4″), 66 kilos (145 lbs), with the grace and coordination of a (insert most uncoordinated image you can think of here), and totally lacking the most basic skill set in any US game], I exhibited a distinct lack of interest in sports. A pity, since, after my US Army years, I had bulked up enough, and became physical enough, that during my 20th high school reunion, I had all the ex-football players walking up and looking quizzically at at me, wondering why they didn’t remember me. Maybe I could have made a great tight end or defensive end. Ironic that my broken nose is a result of an Army scratch football game.

Gradually, I overcame the scorn that I felt for American football (they’re just big guys running into each other!) and became a fan. Scorning local loyalties (I went to high school in a suburb of Philadelphia), and living in the borderline state of Delaware, I chose to become a Washington Redskins fan. That served me well during the rest of the eighties, but after getting out of the Army in 1991 and moving to San Diego, there were few Skins games I could watch, and few there were worth watching.

After over a decade of indifference, in 2003 I decided to switch allegiances and affiliate myself with the San Diego Chargers. That year was a disappointment, but at least I was watching football again. My timing turned out to be precipitous. The team was rebuilding, and I caught the fever – seeing the rebuilding of the team, and having escaped the “bandwagon” misnomer, I became a real fan. Since then, the team has grown in leaps and bounds, and my allegiance has been rewarded. Go Chargers!

Hmmm. This postscript has grown to the point that it merits transfer to the “About Me” section.

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Sunday, November 19th, 2006

San Diego Chargers #1!

San Diego 35, Denver 27. At Denver!

There’s just so many things I could say, so many records broken, so many expectations exceeded. But somehow I need to settle down and get to sleep tonight, or I won’t be able to show up for work tomorrow before noon!

Just wait for the power rankings to come out this week. If San Diego doesn’t top at least half of them, I’m just giving up on the idea of power rankings.

On top of it all, I heard something tonight that I never, never expected to hear. Al Michaels threw it out there for all the world – “Air Marty.”

Martyball is dead. Long live Martyball!

Update: glorify used the term Air Marty in his August 31, 2006 post at And our own Kevin Acee of the Union Tribune used the term in his story on October 16, 2006.

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Saturday, November 18th, 2006

2006 Chargers Playoff Hopes – Week 10

I haven’t had much time to write about the San Diego Chargers this season. Hell, I haven’t had much time to watch the games, nor to write. It’s time to start changing that.

I see that I haven’t posted about the Chargers since my preseason prediction on 11 August. That’s a pity, since I really got into the swing of things last year, and this year I had hoped to better. But things are as they are. Although I’ve been voraciously consuming all sorts of oddsmaking, power rankings and sports writing in the meantime, I haven’t made the time to cackle with glee over how I foresaw a much better outcome by this point in the NFL season than most of the pros.

Due to personal, geography/broadcast and travel problems, I’ve missed watching a lot of Chargers games so far. In fact, I’ve been dismayed to notice that, prior to last week’s game against Cincinnati, the Chargers’ season record was 5-0 when I didn’t watch the game, and 1-2 when I did. True, some of those missed games were given low priority because they were against easy opponents; and I listened to them on the radio as best as I could, trying to keep AM radio tuned in as I drove across various deserts. Was I a jinx? The Bengals game ended that thought, even if I had to wonder that watching might in fact be hazardous to my health. (Note to self – cut down on the trans fats!) I’ve been comforted by the thought that I know these players and how they move – that I can see in my mind’s eye what they look like when they’re making the moves that I can only hear or see on the game summary.

So here we are with a 7-2 record, the day before Week 11. Tomorrow, the Chargers go to Denver to play the Broncos in one of the most important games of the season, hoping for a win against an opponent that knows us all too well in a place that seems to be cursed for us. The Chargers are the highest scoring team in the league, going up against the team that has allowed the fewest points. It’s going to be a great game, and we’ve got Al Michaels and John Madden to provide commentary – the best coverage out there. But we’re doing it without Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, and maybe an up-to-par Eric Parker – putting the onus on our improved-but-still-weak secondary against Javon Walker – and Marlon McCree, the secondary’s leader, has still to be sensitive about the criticism he got from the mis-read hit he put on wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh last week. The Broncos offense doesn’t have a great scoring record, and quarterback Jake Plummer has been inconsistent, but the battle for points in this game is going to be tight.

Since Madden knows the true value of how well our offensive line – Mike Goff, Shane Olivea, Nick Hardwick, Kris Dielman, and Marcus McNeill – has been performing, and since he has to be the number one fan of our defensive tackle, Jamal Williams, I’m going to expect that his commentary is going to be colored in favor of the Chargers. I’ve noticed that a lot of pro writers have come out predicting a Chargers win, despite the average 2.5 point line favoring Denver. But odds are determined by public opinion, and on any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team – especially in this decade’s AFC. Public opinion can be wrong. This game is going to be a meat grinder. This game, like so many others, will hinge on turnovers, and San Diego seems to have finally learned how to take that to their advantage. I kind of like that San Diego is going into it as the underdogs – in our rebirth 2004 season, we often did best as the underdog. Since I expect that the AFC Championship game is going to be San Diego vs. New England, which we will win handily – I expect that this game will be the most pivotal in the AFC this year.

Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself. This post is titled “Playoff Hopes”, remember? There’s just no way to under-emphasize what this game means. A San Diego loss would mean that that Denver advances to clear leadership of the AFC West division, and with the divisional record and a relatively easy schedule remaining for them, they would take the West, even if San Diego wins the rest of their games. That puts San Diego into the position of getting into the playoffs as a wild card, and maybe having to play Denver at Denver again, where the loss would but them at a distinct psychological disadvantage. But a win changes everything. We take the West for now, and with our undefeated home record, we can hold on to it. If Baltimore and New England stumble just once each during the rest of the season, we’ll slide into a bye for the first week of the playoffs and face whoever puts the Indianapolis Colts into their place. I think it will be the Patriots, but I hope it’s the Ravens. We’ve played them before, lost, and redefined the team in accordance. That redefinition will take us to the Superbowl.

Can we beat Chicago or the NY Giants? I think the question is whether we can beat them by less than 14 points. My dream Superbowl this year, let me say it now, is going up against Drew Brees and the Saints. That game would be tough – Drew knows us even better than the Broncos. Although San Diego General Manager A. J. Smith has been proven right more often than wrong (I still chafe at passing up on safety Troy Polamalu), giving up Brees will be the defining point of his career. So far, after anointing Philip Rivers as the San Diego quarterback, I’ll continue to place my confidence in A. J.

Back to tomorrow. Let me pull out this thing – what is it? Oh, a crystal ball! I rub; the smoke forms, then clears – whoa! San Diego 27, Denver 21. Cool! Did I mention Nate Kaeding?

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Friday, August 11th, 2006

2006 Chargers Playoffs Hopes – Preseason

Yep – it’s coming up on that time of year again. I’ve been jonesing for months, but now we’re just a day away from the preseason opener at home against Green Bay. I’ve been following the reports from training camp, and I’m ready to make my preseason predictions.

The 2006-2007 schedule has been out for a while, and it is way easier that the toughest-in-the-league 2005 one. Last year we had a strength of schedule of 0.559 – this year, we’re in the bottom half, with 0.488.

By averaging the the odds offered at seventeen locations (, I see we’re listed at 23.24-1 for winning the Super Bowl, at thirteenth place. Ahead of us are Indianapolis (the favorite at 6.03-1), New England, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Denver, Dallas, Miami, Washington, Kansas City, Chicago, and Cincinnati. I think there is some heavy skepticism implicit in these odds, because no one knows how good our new quarterback is going to turn out to be.

Going through the schedule, I see just three iffy non-divisional games: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Seattle, and four divisional games against the tough Denver and Kansas City teams. I’m going to claim our divisional home games and just throw the two away ones into the ring. That makes five contentious games.

I think we can win half of those, and to round things out, I’ll throw in a 50% chance of losing another game against a weaker opponent (say, like Miami last year) or from playing at home in the rain (San Diegans just don’t deal well with rain), and just one game from qb inexperience. So I’m calling a 12-4 season (although I’m itching to call 13-3.)

Yep, that’s the same as our surprise-the-experts 2004 season, and I’m calling it with Philip Rivers at the helm instead of Drew Brees. And I think we can go all the way.

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Monday, June 12th, 2006

2006 Chargers Mini Camp

I took the kids on Saturday to the San Diego Chargers Mini Camp. We had gone last year and really enjoyed it, although I had found Chelsea’s enthusiasm a bit surprising. Boo enjoyed it as well, and it’s gratifying to hear him trying to say “Football” and look excited about it – his older sister has been doing her best to get him excited about marching band and color guard.

Mini-Camp is a showcase practice and training session, and is the first chance for the public to get to see the new draft picks and free agents. The big thrill for me is getting up close to some of my favorite players – Luis Castillo, Igor Olshanksy, Shawne Merriman, and Steve Foley (the defensive line practices real close to the crowd), and to see all the others doing drills and running through some downs. The receivers were doing a great job, especially McCardell, Osgood and Floyd, but what we were all hoping for was some signs of brilliance in our secondary. Our new shining hope, Cromartie, obviously has skills, but was outclassed. Jammer was looking pretty good, though. Darren Sproles is just freaking amazing, and two another surprise standouts were Matt Wilhelm and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila – clearly, there’s some real competition going on for linebacker slots.

Our new starting quarterback, Phillip Rivers, has a great arm, but we already knew that. What is far more important, and something we can’t see in a session like this, is how he’s stepping into the leadership role, but every Charger in the news lately has been full of praise for him. This speaks well of both Rivers and the team unity. Ever since A. J. Smith decided to let Drew Brees go and floated Donnie Edwards for trade, two immensely popular players, I’ve been concerned that the Chargers might start cracking up, but they look to be holding together really well.

I started last session with a lot of excitement, thinking that 2005 was going to be our year, but we didn’t even make the playoffs due to a series of crucial mistakes that resulted in a string of narrow losses. I haven’t gotten over that, and this year I’m just not as excited. Maybe the threat of the Chargers leaving San Diego is hanging oppressively close now. But going to Mini Camp got my juices going, and I saw a lot of reasons to be hopeful again. Man, it’s such a long time until the season opener!

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Saturday, January 14th, 2006

San Diego Chargers Stadium Issue

Ever since confronting the Union Tribune’s foreboding headline today, I’d like to point out that whether the San Diego Chargers are going to leave our town is an issue that ought to get the juices flowing in all concerned locals, and that SD bloggers really ought to be posting their thoughts about it. Personally, there is no way to express the dismay I feel at the idea of losing the Chargers, especially since they appear to be in an effective (if sometimes stumbling) team-building mode that could make them one of the power players, and quite possibly a dynasty, in the NFL. I know a lot of people are still hurting about the Padres rip-off – how they parlayed a single year’s World Series bid into a taxpayer-financed treasury raid for a new stadium and then traded off their power players – but we stand to lose a lot if we let the Chargers go.

This issue embodies a lot of things that can get people worked up – local politics, incompetence, muckraking district attorneys, and even corruption that have lead us to be called “Enron-by-the-Sea“; environmental issues (who let those tanks farms leak all that stuff into our soil, and in South California?); sports, and the corollary – are sports too violent; public finances, or the lack thereof; and the national and international identity of a community that is seen by many as living in paradise, a cutting edge technological powerhouse, an overinflated real estate market headed for a bursting bubble, a place hurt by a confluence of non-locals, and even the drug-trafficking Miami of the Left Coast! Who could turn from sinking their teeth into such a juicy issue and the fallout, whether from jealousy (I walked the dog last night, in the middle of January, in a t-shirt and shorts) or pride?

I issue a call to arms for all San Diego bloggers – write what you think, criticize the others’ opinions, and most importantly, link and trackback to them!

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Chargers 2006 Schedule

The San Diego Chargers know their opponents for 2006. Next year we play the AFC North and the NFC West, as well as the third-ranked teams from AFC East and South. (And, of course, six games in our division.) Here they are:

Denver (13-3)
Kansas City (10-6)
Oakland (4-12)
Cleveland (6-10)
Pittsburgh (11-5)
Arizona (5-11)
St. Louis (6-10
Tennessee (4-12)

Denver (13-3)
Kansas City (10-6)
Oakland (4-12)
Baltimore (6-10)
Cincinnati (11-5)
San Francisco (4-12)
Seattle (13-3)
Buffalo (5-11)

It looks good for a killer year. Three non-divisional games stand out – Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Seattle – but the rest are against weak opponents. We better remember the lessons of Miami. We have the makings of anywhere from a 12-4 to a 14-2 season!

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